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European Mentoring Summit 2022

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18/05/2022 14:00

20/05/2022 17:00

[CET] Central European Time

Rengerslaan 8, 8917 DD , Leeuwarden, Netherlands

European Mentoring Summit 2022

The life experiences of Young people in the last couple of years have been significantly affected and reshaped by the global pandemic environment. Young people have been facing long-term challenges, different from previous generations. The European Mentoring Summit (EMS) 2022 directly contributes to the goals and objectives of the European Year of Youth of listening, engaging, and promoting concrete opportunities for the young in the European regional environment.
The EMS is an inspirational event bringing different keynote speakers such as mentoring practitioners, researchers, and mentoring lovers together to learn from different perspectives and approaches around mentoring.

Synergically with the EU’s Youth Policy Framework, young Europeans will benefit from many opportunities to gain knowledge, build their personal network, opportunities to get involved in mentoring, learn life-lasting skills for their professional development, and strengthen their civic engagement to shape local and global communities.

How young will benefit from the EMS:

(1) Valuable opportunity for youngsters - especially vulnerable young - to develop themselves in a more conscious way, and have someone supporting and encouragin them in pursuing life goals.

(2) Building unique relationships by linking formal and informal mentoring with each other. Participants can benefit from workshop sessions focused on tailor and mentee-centred mentorships. These holistic mentoring relationships open up a new horizon to how and under which conditions mentoring can work better by bringing the different worlds young people together in a cross-sector approach.

(3) Gain and knowledge and techniques on how mentoring can change their life and introspective relationship, improve their well-being and mental health, their sociability, and indeed their academic performance. The event fosters innovation on professional mentoring to benefit vulnerable and marginalised youth entrance in the labour market as well as employability competences.

(4) High students and youth participation - not only the Summit’s impact is directly aimed at enhancing the overall benefit of mentoring on young Europeans and the social benefits of mentoring in fostering inclusive social eco-systems. Students and young people will have access to mentoring moments with leading practitioners from around Europe but also International guests. Mentoring Europe, as host organisation, along with International Affairs of NHLStenden University of Applied Sciences and MentorProgramma Friesland, will provide tailored mentoring moments for young people and students engaging with the event at all levels.

In the light of young people’s desire to get more opportunities in terms of education and professional experiences, the event is a place where their voice can be heard and acted upon. It is in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic that this edition of the European Mentoring Summit considers youth-related dynamics and challenges emerging as effects of the economic turmoil and social setting by promoting youth-in-the-lead and mentee-centred approach as the underlying base for a new flourishing chapter for Europe. Connecting educational institutions with the business world through research-practice collaborations is what the specific track chosen for this year’s summit, namely ‘Linking Formal and Informal Mentoring’, aims at bringing to life.

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Hybrid (both online and with face-to-face presence)

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18/05/2022 14:00

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20/05/2022 17:00


[CET] Central European Time

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Mentoring Europe

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18-24; 25-30; 31-35; Over 35

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Participation & engagement; Youth and the world; Inclusion & equality; Employment; Education; Learning exchanges; Research & innovation; EU youth programmes; Other


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Fully wheelchair accessible

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Connecting EU with Youth; Inclusive Societies; Quality Employment for All; Quality Learning

Related to the Conference on the Future of Europe


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