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How Young European Ambassadors are standing with Ukraine

Last updated on Tuesday, 29/03/2022

Young people all around Europe are standing in solidarity with Ukraine. Young European Ambassadors from the EU are contributing, too, with a series of highly impactful initiatives in their communities. Read the news to know more about it!

The Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) initiative is a network connecting and building bridges among proactive young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the EU Member States and the United Kingdom.

Since the 24th of February, when Russia’s aggression on Ukraine started, YEAs in the EU started brainstorming on how they could support their peers in Ukraine. In a situation of emergency, the first idea was to inform other young people in the EU about what is happening in the country, by sharing truthful information and suggesting trustworthy media sources and accounts to follow.

After a few days, it was clear that this was not enough. So, YEAs started mobilising to provide more support in different aspects:

  • Anzhelika, in Latvia, is offering support to refugees, especially children, and organising cultural events to raise awareness
  • Ambroise, from France, is fighting disinformation on Wikipedia, adding to the relevant pages factual information
  • Jules, in Prague, is writing articles and making interviews to Ukrainian citizens and politicians
  • Jonas, in Germany, is providing translation services in the stations where refugees arrive
  • Freya, in London, is organising collection drives, sending resources to Lviv and Kharkiv
  • Roel, in Poland, is hosting young people fleeing and supporting them as much as possible

You can read their stories on their blog.

But there are other ways YEAs are getting active (and you can do it, too!):

  • participating in marches
  • informing their families and peers
  • donating and being there for their friends
  • looking for information about the support offered in different countries to Ukrainian refugees and translating it for the 'EU NEIGHBOURS east' website and social media

This is the time to get active, and young people around Europe are showing how important their contribution and support is. Solidarity, a founding value of our society, is now more needed than ever.

Interested in cooperating with YEAs? Feel free to write an e-mail to