The “New Narrative for Europe” project is over now, it ran for five years (2013-2017), having begun as a Pilot Project and continued as a Preparatory Action, both supported by the European Parliament.

The European Story – what’s next for Europe?

This video shows the EU’s roots, its construction and its current state – check it out, get inspired and take action. You have the power to shape Europe’s future!

Inspiring People

These European personalities made a change, moved us forward and left footprints in the European history with their innovative ideas and visions. Who would be your role model?

Inspiring Event

Explore the ‘Imagine Europe: In search of new narratives’ exhibition and get inspired by today’s artists, scientists and thinkers who all had unique ideas for the future of Europe.

Inspiring Debate

Check these out! 4 infographics on key topics for you to use to kickstart your debate. 
Read these backgrounders of each infographics to learn more.

Online Consultation

Your ideas matter. Check out what young people said during an online consultation, and let the gathered ideas inspire further ideas and actions for the Europe you see yourself living in.

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