Unity-iOS, World Wide Village (Pitsilia, Cyprus)

Unity-iOS, World Wide Village (Pitsilia, Cyprus)

Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton

Kyperounta, Cyprus

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń upłynął.

Opis działania

WWV is a a short term ESC project hosting volunteers from different European countries within the villages of Pitsilia area (Limassol District). The project offers volunteers the opportunity to experience the way of living in Cypriot villages by supporting,working and cooperating with the local community. It focuses on agricultural and farming activities, intercultural exchange, and active participation in areas where it's needed. Implicating volunteers from countries other than Cyprus enhances our goals of tolerance,acceptance, and awareness of cultural diversity, leading to integration and intercultural experiences. The volunteers will mainly be involved in the following activities: working in the fields and collecting crop/fruit(apples,grapes and possibly olives,berries and other seasonal fruit), learning how cider,vinegar,sweets and other food/drink products are produced from the collected crop & participating in the production process,learning about other farming processes

Zakwaterowanie, wyżywienie i transport

Accommodation will be provided by the coordinating/hosting organisation in a village in the area of Pitsilia. The volunteers will be accommodated in shared dorms. For the duration of the project, each volunteer will receive pocket-money to cover food and personal expenses. The travel costs will be reimbursed by the coordinating/hosting organisation (up to an amount, according to the distance band).

Szkolenie w trakcie działania

Upon arrival, the volunteers are going to participate in an on-arrival training facilitated by the coordinating/hosting organisation. Throughout the project, the volunteers shall also be educated and trained on different agricultural and farming processes.

Profil uczestnika

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to: - Work in the fields from early morning hours - Have hands on experiences with farmers and hard working people - Work with villagers and learn from them - Collect fruit and produce local products out of it - Support villagers in various work occasions - Enjoy nature and the local environment - Have a group spirit and tolerance, contribute to group activities, living and sharing together for a month - Be committed to the tasks and the programme - Respect the village and villagers

Daty projektu

Łączna liczba tygodni:4 w okresie od 06/10/2020 do 04/11/2020

Miejsce realizacji projektu

Kyperounta Cyprus

Poszukujemy uczestników z krajów:

Cypr, Grecja, Niemcy, Estonia, Łotwa, Litwa, Finlandia, Belgia, Dania, Irlandia, Włochy, Polska, Szwecja, Słowacja, Zjednoczone Królestwo

Tematy projektu

Środowisko naturalne i jego ochrona

Kształcenie i szkolenie

Kreatywność i kultura

Termin składania zgłoszeń

Termin zgłoszeń: 28/10/2020