Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen

Curba de Cultură

Izvoarele, Romania

Activity description

Community Kitchen as project aims to bring together the community around everything related to food, promoting and preserving the local culinary heritage as well as introducing international food culture to out community. Curba de Cultură focuses on teenagers and youth development. The foreseen activities are, but not limited to: - organizing community events, documenting local recipes and putting together a cookbook, developing a local brand and supporting locals in branding, composting and organic gardening workshops and other workshops related to sustainable eating and lifestyle habits.

Ordninger for innkvartering, mat og transport

- reimbursement of travel costs up to 275 euro in the end of the stay - accommodation in a traditional house together with the rest of the volunteers - food allowance and pocket money - local transport bus permits and car when needed for activities

Training during the activity

- mentor support - language training - coordination, materials for activities and equipment - task-related trainings such as teambuilding, health and security, event management, basic youthwork and group dynamics, communication etc

Participant profile

- is between 18 and 30 years old - is available for the full 12 months of mobility - is motivated to do international volunteering - is strongly motivated to live and work in rural area - is interested in learning a different European language - is motivated to promote rural heritage and sustainable values and behaviours - is motivated to develop new competences and to learn about community development - has good English communication skills, spoken and written

Activity dates

Totalt 48 uke(r) i perioden 01/09/2022 til 31/08/2023

Activity location

str. Principală 91A, 107320 Izvoarele Romania

Looking for participants from

Østerrike, Belgia, Bulgaria, Kypros, Tyskland, Danmark, Estland, Hellas, Spania, Finland, Frankrike, Kroatia, Ungarn, Irland, Italia, Litauen, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Nederland, Polen, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sverige, Tsjekkisk Republikk, Liechtenstein, Island, Norge

Activity topics

Education and training

Kreativitet og kultur

Deadline for applications

No application deadline