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EU Youth Strategy

The EU developed an EU Youth Strategy and wants young people to engage and become an active citizen involved in democracy and society. We want young people to tell us what is important to them by taking part in the EU Youth Dialogue.

Participation in civil society

What is the EU's Role

The EU Youth Strategy seeks to encourage young people to participate in the democratic process and in society. The objectives are:

  • to develop mechanisms to engaging in dialogue with young people and facilitate their participation in the shaping of national policies
  • to support youth organisations, including local and national youth councils;
  • to promote participation of under-represented groups of young people in politics, youth organisations, and other civil society organisations
  • to support ways of 'learning to participate' from an early age

How is this being done?

Specifically, the Commission pursues these objectives through:

  • Structured dialogue - a process to involve young people in EU youth policy making
  • The Erasmus+ programme - supports projects providing opportunities for young people to participate in cross-border projects and events
  • European Solidarity Corps - allows young people to volunteer or work in projects for the benefit of communities and people around Europe

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