SIQA- Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives

SIQA- Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives


Sartava 4 ter., 3700, Rustavi, Georgia - +995341223133

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SIQA – Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives is a non-profit legal entity, which is productively functioning in Georgia and abroad since 1999. SIQA oriented on the development of critical and creative thinking through informal learning among society’s members (age is unlimited), who’s motivated to positive changes, but also contribute to introducing innovative and already approved method of studying, that a person established as an active citizen, who are oriented on self-development.
SIQA’s work style: Clubs, training, seminars, camps and other that represented as projects or programmes.
SIQA's Regular activities:
Support Civic clubs in Kvemo Kartli region and Rustavi (totally 33school’s civic clubs, 23 among of them are schools of ethnic minorities), meetings, workshops, training and consulting in SIQA , initiation of civic activities and small community activities.
ENGLISH - ACCESS program – The aim of the program is access to English learning for children from economically disadvantaged families, age 14-18, totally 25 students (two groups, 12-13 students per each).
Community activities in Rustavi and other cities: SIQA’s youth workers together with Georgian and foreign volunteers permanently are organizing Community actions aimed to raise awareness of citizens about various topics- Healthy lifestyle. tolerance, Peace, sustainable development (recycling, energy economy), environment, Human rights, tolerance, prevention of infections, volunteerism etc.
Youth clubs at SIQA:
Handicraft clubs for youth age 6-13- aimed to develop artistic, creativity and handicraft skills among children, youth workers provide workshops, creating useful stuff, decorations, postcards etc. with various materials and recycling.
European languages Conversational clubs: target group 13 + (no age limit) – European volunteers together with Georgian youth workers are giving the opportunity to local citizens to develop English or volunteers' European native language conversation skills through conversations about various topics.


This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

  • Geographical obstacles
  • Refugees
  • Social obstacles

Dieser Organisation wurde das Qualitätssiegel des Europäischen Solidaritätskorps zuerkannt. Das Qualitätssiegel bescheinigt, dass die Organisation in der Lage ist, Projekte im Einklang mit den Grundsätzen und Zielen des Europäischen Solidaritätskorps durchzuführen.

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