Camphill Community Glencraig

Camphill Community Glencraig

Camphill Community Glencraig

4 Seahill Rd, Craigavad, BT18 0DB, Holywood, United Kingdom - +442890423396

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Camphill Community Glencraig was established in 1954 to provide a unique approach to supporting children, young people and adults with learning disabilities. Over the years Glencraig Community has developed a reputation for providing a special holistic approach which enables everyone to reach their full potential and live a happy and meaningful life. Glencraig prides itself on the high standards of care, support and education provided in a nurturing environment.
Camphill Community Glencraig is based at Craigavad on the south shore of Belfast Lough, between Holywood and Bangor. It was the first Camphill Community established in Northern Ireland. Over the years the original School has been joined by a Training College for young people up to the age of 19 each providing curative education based upon the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf Curriculum, Dr König and complying with the Northern Ireland Curriculum. There has also been the development of the adult community and all the workshop areas where they can be involved including the biodynamic farm and garden and various craft and services workshops.

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Glencraig Biodiversity Project
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