Ayuntamiento de Sagunto

Ayuntamiento de Sagunto

Ayuntamiento de Sagunto

Autonomía, 2, 46500, Sagunto, Spain

http://www.aytosagunto.es/ - +34962655858

descripción de la organización:

The organisation is the public local government of Sagunto, more specifically the Youth department. Sagunto is a city in the region of Comunitat Valenciana with a population of 65000 inhabitants aprox. The city is composed of 2 main areas of population (Sagunto and Port of Sagunto).
The youth department is composed by a total of 14 people (changing seasonally) who work in different projects connected with nonformal education, leisure time and youth policies. The main aim of the council by youth service is to empower youth in the municipality through training, information and advice. The municipality has 2 youth information centers (one in each city center), which are open daily with a rich and varied program of activities.
The variety of associations of the municipality is very rich, with about 120 NGOs of all types (environmental, social, cultural, political-party, trade union, religious, etc.) of these, about 25 are youth organisations.
We are members of a youth-network called Joves.net, having an active participation in the consortium and directly involved in many projects. In fact, some of the international projects (Structured dialogue - Democracy) have been coordinated by Sagunto in the past, about 10 years ago.
Now we want to offer this opportunity for education and youth mobility directly from our youth services. Since April 2015, we have integrated a new service in our department consisting of office for the promotion and dissemination of European programs in the city, especially among young people. We call it "Erasmus Youth Office".
The main areas of work to be integrated in this project are the citizen participation, sportswear, that of environment and employment. Always from the perspective of area youth.
Our target group is all youth from the city aged 12-35 years old.

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Youth policy development