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ActionAid is an international, non-governmental, development organisation working in 45 countries with more than 15 million people, and its main vision is a world free from poverty and injustice. The philosophy of ActionAid’s programmes, is based on working together with the people who live in the communities, meaning that solutions are not dictated by the organisation, but are developed in a participative and collective way. Not content with simply providing aid, we give people a prospect. We fight the causes of poverty and injustice through projects, empowerment programmes and campaigns that bring about permanent changes in terms of infrastructure, mindsets and the law.

ActionAid Hellas (AAH) has been operating since 1998 in Greece as affiliate of ActionAid federation and has been building bridges of solidarity ever since between our Greek supporters and the most marginalized people of our world. It supports our fellow citizens who experience social and economic exclusion through its work at the Epicentre, a multi-purpose facility bringing action and change to the City of Athens, implements educational programmes in which thousands of pupils participate every year, carries out information and awareness campaigns on social exclusion and xenophobia, and responds to the refugee crisis.

AAH works:
• To offer relief and empower the poor in Greece and around the world –especially in developing areas– through local development programmes;
• To provide assistance, aid, healthcare, education, training and to promote education support programmes among vulnerable population groups in Greece and around the world – especially in developing areas;
• To study, analyse and make proposals on issues related to poverty and injustice and Greece and worldwide – especially in the developing areas- and to exert institutional pressure on decision-making centres at local and international level;
• To support and promote all kinds of training and activities that aim to protect human rights in Greece and around the world;
• To inform and train the public about the causes, consequences and ways of tackling poverty and injustice in Greece and worldwide – especially in developing areas – through active involvement of the public;
• To tackle poverty and handle people affected by all kinds of destructions, due to any cause, in Greece, using all means appropriate.
Quick facts:
From 2010 ActionAid responded to 87 significant natural disasters in countries where we work, affecting reaching approximately 7 million people. Over the same period, we worked with 2.2 million people affected by 38 conflicts, providing immediate relief supplies, psychosocial support, livelihood recovery support and protection. In Greece in particular, we have been responding to the refugee crisis since September 2015 and till today we have provided services to over 100,000 refugees.


This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

  • Refugees
  • Economic obstacles
  • Cultural differences

Dieser Organisation wurde das Qualitätssiegel des Europäischen Solidaritätskorps zuerkannt. Das Qualitätssiegel bescheinigt, dass die Organisation in der Lage ist, Projekte im Einklang mit den Grundsätzen und Zielen des Europäischen Solidaritätskorps durchzuführen.

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