Aarhus Kommune - Sundhed og Omsorg

Aarhus Kommune - Sundhed og Omsorg

Rådhuspladsen 2, 8000, Aarhus C, Denmark

www.aarhus.dk - +45 4185 7782

description of organisation

Aarhus Kommune, The Municipality of Aarhus, is the second-largest municipality in Denmark and includes the City of Aarhus along with other surrounding cities. It is located on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula, in the geographical center of Denmark. The municipality of Aarhus employs approximately 30.000 employees and is therefore the largest employer in the city of Aarhus and one of the country’s largest public employers. The municipality serve a wide range of the regional population in all areas of the public sector with the aim of Aarhus being the best possible city for everyone to live and work in.
For information about the municipality and the projects in Aarhus, please see our website: www.aarhus.dk (also in English).

Aarhus Kommune (municipality) consists of different magistrates. Sundhed & Omsorg (Health and Care) is one such magistrate. Sundhed & Omsorg is divided in 4 geographically areas. Each area administrates both the home care for the citizens in that geographical area and a number of nursing homes for elderly and local centers. These centers are mostly used by elderly people living in their own home. At a local center residents can come to a small clinique to see a nurse, can participate in lot of leisure and health activities, there’s a café, and the center is also where lots of volunteers have their meetings and help out in different ways.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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Bridging intercultural, intergenerational and social divide


Community development