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descripción de la organización:

Insieme Verso Nuovi Orizzonti Community aims to intervene in all areas of social disadvantage, sustaining those who live in situations of great difficulty with solidarity actions. For this reason , it carries out its activities keeping in mind all the realities of social exclusion, with particular attention to young people, offering specific innovative interventions and rehabilitation program that combines psychological elements, spiritual and human. Also it proposes the values of solidarity, sharing, spirituality and cooperation as essential elements for a full personal realization. Insieme Verso Nuovi Orizzonti is an international community founded by Chiara Amirante and spread to many countries.

Works and Projects
228 Base Camps,
83 residential centers of reception, rehabilitation and training
52 Prevention Counselling Centres and service

Team of Service:

- Equipe Prevention and Awareness
We reach about two million youth people in: schools, streets, squares, beaches, through shows, entertainment, conferences, round tables, meetings. Four or five times a year we organize street missions: in each of them meet on average 35,000 people.

- Equipe Communications and Mass Media
Insieme Verso Nuovi Orizzonti has developed a frequent and intense collaboration with media. Annual participation in various television programs is increasingly intense (approximately 1,200 television programs and about 1400 radio). An audio-visual center coordinates the various activities of production and services in the field of new media (web site, the social network and multi-blog platform with 33 blogs, web site, web site Public page of Chiara Amirante in Facebook that is seen daily by thousands of people a day.

Other team of service:
- Equipe Entertainment and Animation;
- Team Training, Promotion of Culture, Publishing;
- Equipe Social Services and International Cooperation;
- Equipe Economy and Labour;
- Equipe Artistic Expressions.

Esta realización posee un sello de calidad del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad Europeo. El sello de calidad certifica que la organización organización puede ejecutar proyectos de conformidad con los principios y objetivos del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad.

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Temas de la organización

Education and training

Social assistance and welfare

Physical education and sport