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MI-HI (Make It Happen Infinity) is a youth organization that aims to empower youth and facilitate personal development. We
support youth exchanges, educational events, cultural and language training, volunteering opportunities, environmental
activism, and youth mobility. Our vision is to create positive changes by broadening perspectives and inspiring others to
find their path in life. But we don’t just stop there. We seek to make a long-lasting impact by supporting our project participants in positively influencing their own communities. Our mission is to create waves of sustainable development and growth.

We believe in youth empowerment and community development, Since 2019 and to date, MI-HI has helped many youths engage in a diverse range of development projects. These project themes are covered through general training workshops and conferences. They include but are not limited to: art and culture, entrepreneurship, intercultural communication, heritage protection, volunteering, environmental protection, equal opportunities, anti-racism, healthy lifestyles, human rights, youth initiatives, youth exchanges, youth employment, youth sports, youth migration, social media, social work, peacebuilding, and youth leadership.

Based on our collaboration and participation in international projects, we have found innovative ways to address sociopolitical
problems and to inspire creative forces for social change in surrounded regions. Moreover, using informal educational methods, we developed our learning modules and workshops for kids, youngsters, and adults on the topic of upcycling,DIY, Zero Waste, climate and environmental protection, and community engagement. Through our regular swap shops and cultural events in different parts of Latvia, we have attracted institutions to collaborate with us and provide Zero Waste and upcycling, gardening, Language exchange, and craft workshops.
Our team has been part of different youth program seminars, training courses for youth workers, local university and school programs, community engagement workshops, and environmental awareness activities. Since 2019, MIHI has been part of the biggest global youth campaigns such as ''Peace One Day''' which took place in different schools in Latvia and youth centers '. This movement's objective is to institutionalize Peace Day on 21 September each year.

Our variety of social development projects provided unique opportunities to work with different target groups. Although MIHI is currently a youth empowerment group, we started off with projects that involved participants from a wide range of
age groups. In 2019, we began facilitating cultural and international exchange programs. Due to the current pandemic, there emerged an opportunity to conduct virtual programs for those aged between 14-30.
This past year has given MIHI the chance to improve its digital competencies and capacity. We are capable of running
efficient, effective, and exciting online projects that can reach those who are unable to be part of the international and
local activities due to their age limit, geographical location, and other embedded disadvantages.

Our main target group is the neighborhood/local community. Our aim is to connect different generations, and bridge the gap between people from different economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds to create a community around the hub of open-source knowledge and sharing economy. Volunteers play an important role in facilitating this process. They are essential to the operations of MIHI and help spread ideas to reach more people in the community. Likewise, members of the community are encouraged to share their own experiences and play a key role in the integration of volunteers within the community.
Our recent projects, in collaboration with educational units and co-working spaces, include upcycling workshops, clean-up
actions, and wellness programs, and local eco-initiatives. Our activities have helped uncover how climate change influences everyday life, what can be done to improve the local climate, and what each person from local neighborhoods can do him/herself in order to contribute to the transition to climate-neutral living spaces.

''MIHI'' has a strong network of international partners. We participate regularly in other Erasmus+ programs to improve our
own knowledge level and skills, foster intercultural exchange, and strengthen international relationships. Through this process, we have learned extensively from other European NGOs and their experience in facilitating Erasmus+ projects.
The MIHI team combines a different range of experience and skillsets to create an inclusive, creative working
environment. It is run by a group of 6 people, 2 of whom are the board members of the organization.

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