Finglas Youth Resource Centre Ltd

Finglas Youth Resource Centre Ltd

Finglas Youth Resource Centre Ltd

Mellowes Road , D11P654, Dublin, Ireland

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The Finglas Youth Resource Centre strives to empower young people by providing them with opportunities to learn and grow and become positive active citizens in their own community.

The Finglas Youth Resource Centre is a centre where young people are heard, valued and supported in reaching their full potential.

The Finglas Youth Resource Centre (FYRC) provide a range of developmental, social and recreational support programmes of youth work activities to young people aged ten to twenty-four while those considered to be at risk are prioritized. FYRC is a well-established youth organisation within the Finglas Community, which is housed in a purpose-built building for young people since 2004. FYRC supports the holistic development of these young people in the context of the family and the community. FYRC is committed to ensuring all local young people experience equal opportunities to
access our service and participate in programmes offered by the Centre. Some specific and notable services we offer include a six day/night a week service, service provision during holiday periods, provision of food and the absolute commitment to be fully accessible to all young people. We are accessible to young people living in Finglas; however, we have also practiced our youth work on a national and international platform through training's, conferences, European Solidarity Corp and Youth Exchanges over the last 6 years.

The FYRC is located on Mellowes Road in the north west of Finglas in North Dublin, Ireland. FYRC’s catchment area covers the electric divisions (ED's) of Finglas North A,B and parts of C, Parts of Ballygall A,B,D and Finglas South A,B,C,D. The mapped area stretches from Finglas North A ED bordered by the M50 down to Cabra East C ED. From the Pobal geoprofiling report, Finglas shows an average deprivation score of -9.23 in 2016, but it must be noted that a number of areas in Finglas have a score of around -15 with one area reaching as high as -20.29. Within the area there is a total of 10 ED's of which 7 are -10 or lower and 1 has a deprivation score of-9.9. Of the other ED's there are many small area's that have a deprivation score or -10 or lower with many being among the most highly disadvantaged across Dublin. According to the 2016 Census there are 6,616 young people between the ages of 10-24 years living in the Finglas area, which makes up 20% of the overall population of Finglas. Of these 6,616, 47% are male and 53% female.
Finglas is an area faced with high unemployment levels (28.3% among males compared to 17.5% nationally and 17.9% among females compared to 10.4% nationally). It also has a large percentage of one-parent families (38.2% compared to 25.8% nationally). It has a very low level of 3rd level attainment, 16.3% compared to 31% nationally. Finglas also has a very high youth population with approx. 23% of the total population being under 18yrs. there are 4.498 young people aged between 10-24. (Information sources CYPSC Dublin City North - Services Mapping and Community Consultation, CYPSE Dublin City North Socio-Demographic profile , CSO Website and Pobal mapping information for Finglas North A,B and C and Finglas South A,B,C,D).

Under our national funding scheme UBU (Your Place, Your Space) through the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) the following target groups and key issues were assigned to us following an area profiling process in 2019.
-Target Group 1: Young People living in an area who are experiencing intergenerational economic, culture and educational disadvantage.
-Target Group 2: Young People who are experiencing issues relating to their general mental health up to and including anxiety, trauma and stress. Some key groups within this target groups are young people aged 10-13 and then 13 years old +. Another target group within this is young people at risk of bullying.
-Target Group3: Young People with additional needs relating to inclusivity including LGBTI+ and young Travellers
-Target Group 4: Young People who are affected by issues linked to substance misuse including but not limited to family members use/misuse, personal use, involvement in drug dealing and drug debs, particularly teenage males involved in this behaviour.
Target Group 5: Young People aged 16-24 who are not involved in education and training (NEETS) and who are not availing of other services to support their progression, particularly based within the Finglas south area.

*Please see attached in the annexes a copy of our UBU Logic Model.

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