"VELED az ifjúságért" Kulturális és Hagyományőrző Egyesület

"VELED az ifjúságért" Kulturális és Hagyományőrző Egyesület

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We are the "WITH YOU for the Youth" Cultural and Traditional Association and now follow a sort Hungarian language lesson! The word VELED it's means "WITH YOU", and every character imply an attribution: V = Cheerfully, E = Empathetically, L = Loosely, E = Together, D = Dynamically.
The group of VELED is a totally young team, where the youngest member is 11 years old, the oldest 29. The main activities here, our hometown Perkáta, are organizing programs for the youngsters, involving them in our activity, folk dance workshops (in the nursery, primary school and adult) and building a youth community in the village. We are always doing something. Sometimes we renovate the local library, sometimes we build a horsetrack sometimes we organize a youth festival, sometimes dance, and sometimes just sit and talk with each other.
Our association helps young people to be ready for adult life and gain social responsibility for the community where they live in.
Our activities also focus on green skills and a sustainable lifestyle of our young people.
We have created the community of “Perkats”, where young people feel a sense of belonging and they are able to realize ideas, events for a better quality of life in our hometown. Our plan is to build an international network with other countries in order to get to know more about the European Union, travel and explore the world, and develop our personalities. VELED believes that with the enthusiastic drive of the young people, nothing is impossible, anything can be achieved, and beautiful things can be created...

Organizacja ta posiada znak jakości Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności. Znak jakości poświadcza, że organizacja jest w stanie realizować projekty zgodnie z zasadami i celami Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności.

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