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ERASMUS+ Virtual Exchange

The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project 2018-2020 is now finished. Please stay tuned to the European Youth Portal for further developments!

Rachid El Machehouri // Morocco

Rachid coordinates the participation of students from the American Language Center in Tangier in the Online Facilitated Dialogue ‘Connect Programme’. He sees the students benefiting from the opportunity to develop important transversal skills through Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange. 

“The programme also has been an occasion for our students to appreciate and increase their awareness of other cultures by going beyond their regular sphere. In fact, students have become leaders able to cope with and find tweaks to any misunderstanding that beset any communication that involves cultural encounter either at work or in a different context.

The impact has been tremendous on the personality of the students as they started to act not individually but in a communal way in a world that is full of social imbalances. Being aware of such new identity, students have not only become connected to their communities but they have become confident and active social citizens with high self-esteem.”