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European Solidarity Corps

Моќта на заедништвото

Volunteering with disabled youngsters in Vocational School no. 16

Zespoł Szkół Nr 16 w Białymstoku

Zespół Szkół nr 16 w Białymstoku

Bialystok, Полска


The main activities of the volunteers: • supporting professional lessons of cooks, hairdressers, gardeners and hoteliers in specialist rooms, training rooms or greenhouses • supporting activities developing activities necessary in the daily functioning of the students of the training school in the field of culinary, tailoring, computer and cleaning activities • supporting teachers in their daily duties such as preparing meals, sewing, cleaning, washing up, computer and artistic activities, ie theater, music, art and applied arts • supporting teachers' caring work during trips, trips and visits to the cinema, theater, opera, etc. • participation in activities at the swimming pool, in the gym, in the gymnasium, in aerobics classes and sports competitions in football, table tennis, basketball and volleyball - participation in rehabilitation and specialist classes as part of rehabilitation classes, such as speech therapy, sensory integration classes, social skills training.

Сместување, храна и транспорт

The coordinating organization rents a flat in the city of Bialystok. Here lives the volunteer together with other volunteers or with students, has own room and common bath and kitchen. The volunteer gets a monthly ticket for city travel. The coordinating organization pays also the travel expenses connected with the on-arrival training and the mid-term meeting on the base of original tickets The volunteer gets from the coordinating organization money for food and pocket money.

Training during the activity

Volunteers will participate in training courses provided by the Polish National Agency (On-arrival training and Mid-term meeting) and in trainings organized by host organization: about ecological lifestyle and animation-methods.

Participant profile

We are looking for volunteers ready to collaborate with children/ youngsters with mental and physical disabilities. Volunteers should be interested in ecological topics and ecological lifestyles, be dynamic, enthusiastic, brave and independent. We would like to welcome someone with an open mind and heart and with big motivation to work with students with disabilities :)

Activity dates

Од 01/11/2023 до 30/06/2024

Activity location

Bialystok, Полска

Individual volunteering

Looking for participants from

Австрија, Белгија, Бугарија, Кипар, Република Чешка, Германија, Данска, Естонија, Грција, Шпанија, Финска, Франција, Грузија, Унгарија, Ирска, Исланд, Италија, Лихтенштајн, Литванија, Луксембург, Летонија, Малта, Холандија, Норвешка, Полска, Португалија, Романија, Шведска, Словенија, Словачка, Украина

Activity topics

Social challenges

Environment and natural protection

Education and training

Deadline for applications

Краен рок на аплицирање: 31/10/2023 23:59