WANTED: volunteer for tech support, video &graphic design

WANTED: volunteer for tech support, video &graphic design

ANAWOJ association

Michalowo, Poland

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Περιγραφή της δραστηριότητας

ANAWOJ association is searching for active and creative volunteers to support our local activities. We offer following tasks: - organizing/or supporting events in our local community particularly for kids, youngsters and other volunteers; - leading activities for kids and teenagers - supporting office work (like creating PR materials (videos, photos, flyers), updating the websides, edition of newsletter, creation of posters and information sheets etc.); - organization of outdoor activities for children (in summer camps, forest activities or on playground, animation of cultural weeks during holidays); - Conducting workshops on ecological topics in school, kindergarten and therapy center for disabled people.We plan activities promoting reducing waste, awarness of ecological foodprint in every day life, theatre performances etc.

Διαμονή, διατροφή και έξοδα μετακίνησης

Volunteers will live in rented by us flat, each volunteer has separate room and can use shared bathroom and kitchen. For local transportation we offer bikes. The nearest city Bialystok (40 km far) can reached by bus. Volunteers should be ready to live in small town in rural area.

Κατάρτιση κατά τη δραστηριότητα

Volunteers will participate in training courses provided by Polish National Agency (On-arrival training and Mid-term meeting), and in trainings organized by host organisaiton: about ecological lifestyle and animation-methods.

Προφίλ συμμετέχοντος

Volunteers should be interested in ecological topics and ecological lifestyle. Volunteers should like to work with kids and youngsters, be creative and independent. Volunteers should be ready to live in countryside,in smal community with simple life conditions (making fire in oven etc) Some skills and knowledges in IT, video making and graphic design would be helpful.

Ημερομηνίες δραστηριότητας

Συνολικά 39 εβδομάδα(-ες) κατά τη διάρκεια της περιόδου 01/12/2022 έως 31/08/2023

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16-050 Michalowo Poland

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