Udruzenje "Mladi Volonteri"

Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Project Supporter Org: Sivil Toplum Destekleme Derneği - SİTODED / Erzurum, Project Hosting Org: Udruzenje "Mladi Volonteri" / Visoko ... With our project; the effects we hope to have: Our participants; -Despite their limited possibilities, are informed about the opportunities offered to them, ensured of their participation and their mobility in line with their interests, wishes and needs; -Gain volunteering experience, adopt volunteering and integrate them into their lives, spreading them to their environment; -Knowledge, skills and experiences they have, realizing what they can do with them, acting to improve them, activating for their personal development; -Recognizing their competencies and abilities, providing professional development and accelerating their employability; -To have the consciousness of acting as a part of the society in which they live, to develop the sense of thinking, production and application in this direction, to socialize and to create social impact.

Διαμονή, διατροφή και έξοδα μετακίνησης

During the implementation of project (Hosting Organization) will provide accommodation within the premises of the organization. The house is fully equiped with laundry machine, wifi, private rooms, restroom and a common space and the voluteer will share the space with other volunteers from the project. For each volunteer, we will pay 177 EUR for pocket money. Volunteers don't need visa. Travel cost: 275,00 EUR (for each volunteer)

Προφίλ συμμετέχοντος

There is no specific competence/qualification required, but participants could be provided in the basic knowledge and skills required in post-conflict and crisis areas, highlight the importance of active involvement in the host society, and promote a reflective and critical approach. Nevertheless the receiving organization is looking for motivated volunteers having good sense of community life and cooperationThey should be eager to take initiatives and be ready to work with young people coming from different social and educational backgrounds. Open minded, flexible, creative.

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Συνολικά 8 εβδομάδα(-ες) κατά τη διάρκεια της περιόδου 01/04/2021 έως 29/05/2021

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Visoko Bosnia and Herzegovina

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