Stephanus Stiftung - M.St. Haus- support for adults with disabilities

Stephanus Stiftung - M.St. Haus- support for adults with disabilities

Stephanus Stiftung

Berlin, Germany

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Descrição das atividades

The volunteer will work in the Margarete-Steiff-Haus, a residential facility for adults and older people with disabilities, a residential project for people with disabilities run by the Stephanus Foundation. They coordinate over 80 institutions all over Berlin and Brandenburg for people with disabilities,children and youth, and older people. They offers social services, such as living and care, educational workshops, a day-care center, a school, an elderly home, a gym, and a large garden. The “Margarete-Steiff-Haus” is the residential building and 16 adults with intellectual disabilities life there, normally their entire life. Volunteers are not employed to assist with hygienic measures. The appropriate specialist staff is available for this purpose. Working hours between 8 am and 4 pm from Mo.Fr./ 30-35h per week.

Comparticipação nas despesas de alojamento, alimentação e transporte

The volunteer will stay in a shared apartment with other volunteers. Each volunteer will have a private room. Flexibility is very important here, as the living situation can still change. It may be necessary to move house at some point. Since Berlin is quite big city, it may take about 1 hour to get to the project. There will be a food allowance of 6€ per Day. The volunteer will be reimbursed for the costs of a monthly public transport ticket (58€/month). a financial contribution to the travel costs from the place of origin an back will be received. The amount depends on the distance traveled.

Formação durante a atividade

A mentor is responsible for answering any questions and supervising the volunteer's work and who speaks English. The volunteer can take part in the regular capacity training for staff members. He*she will participate in an On-Arrival Training and a Mid-Term Seminar.

Perfil do participante

- motivation to work in the project - ready to work and live with people with mental disabilities (experience in this field would be very welcomed but not necessary) - willing to take responsibility and work independently - be prepared to work in individual care and support - basic knowledge of the German language would be a huge advantage - reliability and punctuality

Datas da atividade

Um total de 52 semana(s) durante o período de 05/10/2023 a 04/10/2024

Local da atividade

Albertinenstr. 20, 13086 Berlin Germany

 Voluntariado individual

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Prazo de candidatura: 07/05/2023