Youth participation in La Rioja (Spain)

Youth participation in La Rioja (Spain)

Consejo Juventud Comarcal de Calahorra

Calahorra, Spain

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Descrizione dell'attività

The Consejo de la Juventud Comarcal de Calahorra is a youth association. We work promoting associations, offering free-time alternatives to young people, mediating between them and public institutions to defend their interests and advising them on the different issues that may concern them. The main areas in which we work are: the Area of Associationism, Training and Employment Area, Intergenerational Area, Area of Culture, Leisure and Free-Time, International Area , Prevention of Substance Consume and Violence. We have been working with European volunteers more than 20 years and we want to continue our commitment to this project as they offer a great cultural wealth in our association and by extension in our city. Some of the tasks will be: Inform young people about activities. Promote the active participation of young people in society. Active participation in the organization of activities of the Consejo and member associations. Organize groups of cultural exchang

Alloggio, vitto e trasporto

Calahorra is a little city with 26000 inhabitants. We don't need public transport because you can arrive in 30 minutes or less wherever. You will live in a shared flat. You will have your own room. The flat is near the office, less than 10 minutes by foot.

Formazione durante l'attività

The volunteer will have the opportunity to receive Spanish classes in a public school for adults and on the platform organized by Erasmus+. This way he/she can acquire knowledge and communication skills in Spanish. MAIN GOAL Produce a positive impact on the youth of the region, helping them and encouraging them to participate in this type of projects, to become European aware and to know the similarities and differences with young people from other countries. In addition to teaching them how to find a job can be an example of youth mobility. For us, the main benefit of this project is in it.

Profilo del partecipante

We are looking an active young interested in youth, leisure and art and culture policies. A young volunteer with interest and initiative to propose new projects, some experience in marketing/graphic design, basic level of Spanish. In addition, the young volunteer must want to participating adapt to different types of activities from outdoor as in office/meetings. What makes us so special that we work with many NGOs and groups of all kinds, we will be waiting for your email. If you are interested send us your CV and a motivational letter to:

Data dell'attività

Un totale di 52 settimana/e nel periodo compreso tra 01/06/2022 e 31/07/2023

Luogo dell'attività

Julio Longinos 2, 26500 Calahorra Spain

Cercasi partecipanti da

Italia, Lituania, Francia, Romania, Austria, Irlanda, Germania, Polonia, Estonia, Slovenia, Lussemburgo, Slovacchia, Malta, Riunione (la), Regno Unito, Repubblica ceca, Grecia, Ungheria, Islanda

Argomenti dell'attività

Problemi sociali

Protezione dell'ambiente e della natura

Creatività e cultura

Termine per la presentazione delle candidature

Termine di presentazione delle domande: 29/05/2022