Kindergarten Kohlgartenstraße

Kindergarten Kohlgartenstraße

FAIRbund e.V. Kindergarten Kohlgartenstrasse

Leipzig, Germany

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Descrição das atividades

Our international kindergarten is located in the eastern part of Leipzig. Almost 50% of the children have a migrant background, and they come from 20 different countries. That is why we focus on the intercultural education during our work. As much as it is possible by the daily routines, our kindergarten operates as an open and barrier-free house where children can move freely. The volunteer will be working together with the educators, supporting their daily work with children. Other volunteer's tasks will be to organize intercultural meetings, encourage children to learn about new cultures and languages, play international games. To apply please send your CV, motivation letter, filled application form to The application form is available under Bewerbungsformular/Application form in English or German here:

Comparticipação nas despesas de alojamento, alimentação e transporte

The volunteers are living in shared flats, have their own room - but share kitchen and bathroom with 2 others volunteers. Food money will be paid out to you as well as money to buy the local transportation monthly ticket or you just buy a bike. Leipzig is a very nice city to ride a bike. Instagram of the coordinating organisation: Facebook: If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask us via email.

Formação durante a atividade

We will help you find a German language course which fits your needs and level. You will have one seminar - one upon an arrival with other volunteers. (nowadays mostly online...)

Perfil do participante

Do you love working with children? Are you creative and open-minded? Do you have any interesting hobbies that you can share with others? (Music, sports, art ... everything is welcome) Are you a responsible person? Do you have a lot of new ideas for fun&educative activities? Are you willing to learn German? If yes, then you are a perfect candidate for this position! Don't hesitate to apply, we are waiting for you!

Datas da atividade

Um total de 52 semana(s) durante o período de 19/10/2021 a 17/10/2022

Local da atividade

Kohlgartenstrasse 9, 04315 Leipzig Germany

Procuramos participantes dos seguintes países

França, Áustria, Bélgica, Bulgária, República Checa, Dinamarca, Estónia, Grécia, Espanha, Croácia, Hungria, Itália, Lituânia, Letónia, Polónia, Portugal, Roménia, Finlândia, Malta, Luxemburgo, Países Baixos

Temas da atividade

Educação e formação

Criatividade e cultura

Data-limite para a apresentação de candidaturas

Prazo de candidatura: 08/09/2021