Caminhar - Associação Cristã de Apoio Social

Caminhar - Associação Cristã de Apoio Social

Caminhar - A.C.A.S.

Rua Movimento das Forças Armadas, 17, 7400-246, Ponte de Sor, Portugal - +351242206510

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Caminhar is a Community Centre based in Ponte de Sor, a small town in the centre of Portugal (about 130 Km from Lisbon). Its foundation occurs in 2002 with the aim of transforming the community into a more aware, active, solidary and knowledgeable one, mainly through non-formal and informal education strategies/activities. It has been working with children, youngsters, families and seniors, aiming to bring generations together and help the community at large to be happier and healthier. It has also been focusing on the power of giving and sharing, mainly through a project - Banco de Solidariedade, Saberes e Serviços - with an online platform where locals can register both the knowledge and experience they have and then share with others (teach), as well as services they can voluntarily provide, thus making an impoverished by unemployment and highly depressed community more (pro)active, more alive, more skilled.
The institution is responsible for the following activities and services:
Banco de Solidariedade, Saberes e Serviços ( - an online-based platform that promotes an encounter between local volunteers and the people and/or institutions that are in need of any kind of volunteer work. It annually involves about 150 volunteers and 21 institutions.
TBC - Tempo de Brincar e Crescer - is a holiday recreation centre for children (4-10 years old) during Summer, Christmas and Easter holidays. The centre aims at conveying values to the children that may help them be a generation that makes a difference. This project involves youth volunteerism in giving support to activities within the weekly programme and organizing innovative activities for the children.
Ponto de Contacto - it is a service through which we provide support and motivation for treatment to people with drug or alcohol addiction problems, referring them to rehabilitation centres and helping their families deal with the problem.
Solidão Acompanhada - it is a volunteering project through which we combat the loneliness of the elderly and other people who live all by themselves and have no or little social contact. Intergenerational teams of volunteers visit people in their homes and activities involve chatting, listening, being aware of any change in people's health/behaviour, helping with house chores, going for a walk, reading, playing music/singing, playing games, and substituting the caregiver for a couple of hours. The volunteers of this project also visit nursing homes and daycare centres, where they organize a wide range of activities.
USePS - Universidade Sénior de Ponte de Sor - this is the local university of the third age, through which we provide classes of several subjects, practical workshops, physical activities, study and cultural tours, seminars, and other activities to people over the age of 50. The university offers, through the volunteerism of 21 teachers, 21 different subjects to a group that every year reaches 90 to 100 students.
Workshops Caminhar - workshops in areas like ICT, sewing, cooking and others that may occur according to people's needs and the offer of volunteers. The target group is mainly the unemployed and this project aims to offer this group extra qualification so as to help them find a job.
Sem Dúvidas - this is a tutoring centre which provides low-cost help to students belonging to families with economic difficulties and who would otherwise have no chance to get help with their homework and preparing for tests or exams. The centre helps students from grade 1 to grade 12. Portuguese as a foreign language is also available as part of this project, in individual or small group courses.
Projeto ABC: Aprender, Brincar e Crescer - is a project aiming to provide students from 1st to 4th grades, in which 1st and 2nd grades are the prioritary targeted students, with support in areas such as learning difficulties, personal organisation, and development of personal and social competences. Activities include helping with the academic tasks, homework, organising their exercise books, group dynamics and games. The project also contributes to developing parental skills within the community through the providing of training sessions.
Ponte de Sor Gospel Choir - an inter-faith choir that brings together people who share the passion for music, art and the energy and spirituality of Gospel music.

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This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

  • Disability
  • Health problems
  • Economic obstacles

Esta organização é titular de um Selo de Qualidade do Corpo Europeu de Solidariedade, que certifica que a organização tem capacidade para levar a cabo projetos em conformidade com os princípios e objetivos do Corpo Europeu de Solidariedade.

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