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“Chabibeh Club” was established in 2002 and is registered at the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sports (License Nb. 35 SH/R). Today, it is a member of 6 Lebanese sports federations, and participates yearly at national tournaments and competitions. Since its founding, the organization used sport as a tool to positively integrate young people in their society, and to develop their competences to empower them physically, socially, educationally, culturally and professionally.
In 2008, “Chabibeh Club” founded the “Chabibeh Youth” department which is working closely and in strong collaboration with the “Chabibeh Sports” department, offering a one of a kind experience and a safe, interactive and supportive environment where young people can practice their favorite activity, build friendships, and acquire lifetime skills through sports and local and international projects.
Sports, Youth Empowerment, Youth Participation, Volunteering, and Social Development became the main areas of focus for the organization whether through “Chabibeh Sports” or “Chabibeh Youth”.
Since 2009, “Chabibeh Club” partners with European and Mediterranean organizations to develop and implement youth projects offering young women and men the chance to take part in exchanges, volunteering projects and training workshops in Europe and in Lebanon. Chabibeh Club is also a member of the “Anna Lindh Foundation” and the “Euromed Citizenship Network”.
Vision: We envision a society where youth are empowered physically, socially, culturally and educationally.
Mission: Empowering youth physically, socially, educationally, culturally and professionally through sports, non formal education and participation in local and international programs and projects.
Chabibeh Sports
Preparing and Training sports players and teams to participate at national, regional and local competitions and championships
Organizing weekly sports activities, summer sports programs and training camps for players and teams
Targeting a wider audience by always adding new sports activities

Chabibeh Youth
Bringing together children and youth from different religious and cultural backgrounds and offering them opportunities to interact and work together on common goals
Enhancing young people active citizenship and active participation through volunteering opportunities
Developing the life skills of young people through capacity building programs and participation in local and international projects
Networking with local and international organizations to expose youth to new environments and opportunities

Questa organizzazione è titolare del marchio di qualità del Corpo europeo di solidarietà. Il marchio di qualità certifica che l'organizzazione è in grado di gestire progetti conformi ai principi e agli obiettivi del Corpo europeo di solidarietà.

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