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Our institution started serving Public Education for the first time in 05/09/1969. Under the Full-time,Full-year directive in the time zone of about 22 courses in different fields, in 150 departments, totaly 952 courses, 52,526 Trainees attendance the education and training is continuing. (InformationTechnology, Office Management and Secretarial, Child Development and Education, Crafts Technology, Apparel Manufacturing Technology, Graphics and Photography, Beauty and Hair Care Services, Public Relations and Organization Services, Patient and Elder Services, Accounting and Finance, Food and Beverage Services, Gardening, Personal Development, and Education, Art and Design, Marketing and Retail, Ceramic and Glass Technology, Plumbing Technology and Air Conditioning, Music and Performing Arts, Sports, Reading, Writing, Foreign Languages, Home services)There are 6 managers, 63 permanent teachers, 150 paid master trainers, 11 educational support staff, a total of 232 staff are serving in our institution. 8 office, three chefs, one teachers' room, 4th Workshops, 7 laboratories, 23 classrooms and the Social, Cultural and Fundamental vocational courses are based in our services. Strengthen national integration and personal development of individuals and make efforts to improve education in a way that is open to the world culture and make education work for the develpoment of reading, writing, the harmony of migrating, training and orientation activities , public health, family planning, healthy eating and shelter,such as family education programs, with the understanding of lifelong learning, individuals of all age groups, scientific, entrepreneurial, technological, economic, social and cultural development, skills development, social and economic life for active participation to make the necessary guidance and training are among the tasks of our organization. Our trainees have received awards in competitions which are related to our programs. At the end of the courses reading and writing certificates to individuals, certificates for the courses included in the modular system, achievement and participation certificates and documents for Vocational Open Education High School, Public School and Elementary students are arranged. Our institution manages its financial resources with our Lifelong Learning General Directorate budget, our revenues for the PTA and the contribution of circulating capital.Our institution opens courses working in cooperation with Ministry, Directorate General of the Governor, the District Governor, Reeves , Schools, City and County Education Departments , Banks, Foundations, Associations, Trade Associations, universities, municipalities and institutions It offers equal opportunities for everyone in terms of education. Apart from these, It enables the learners to acquire skills that help them to find a job by allowing them to work in the course programs. Finally, it supports the creativity of the learners and the development of their skills and competencies and makes contributions to the development of social-economic life in society. The target groups: All individuals within the scope of lifelong learning (regardless of religion, race, language, citizenship, etc.).
Its regular activities;
- prepares a course program
- applies for course programs
- demonstration activities (Folk dances, drama, dance, concert, theater, etc.)
- Artistic activities (sculpture, painting, Vitro-ceramic, home accessories, hair designing, and makeup, jewelry, clothing, plastic makeup, embroidery, photography, relief, wood or leather carving, etc.)
- competitions (folk dances, voice, literary text writing, photography, painting, website, various sports branches, etc.)
- commemoration and celebration activities (national holidays, special day commemoration/celebration, new year, women's day, teachers' day, mothers and fathers day, etc.)
- activities related to sports (competition, show, tournament arrangement, etc.)
- Educational activities (conference, seminar, meeting, discourse, panel, preparing various projects, etc.)
- Excursion / observation activities (domestic cultural trips, technical trips/ observation etc

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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