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FLUMEN Festival of Ecology, Nonviolence and Migration

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27/08/2022 15:00

28/08/2022 23:59

[MET] Medeleuropeisk tid

From 27-28 August 2022 the Verano Garden in Rome will host the 4th edition of Flumen Festival, two days of celebration in the name of ecology, nonviolence and migration promoted by the 'Nonviolent Movement' - Rome, the 'Io, Noi' volunteering association and the 'Library for Nonviolence'.

An artistic programme with quality music and live performances; an important cultural programme with national and international guests; good food and craft beers; creative handicraft stands; games for children and families; innovative solutions... and much more; will be the framework of the Flumen 2022 event. There will also be spaces for collaboration with institutions, other networks and associations in the area, for the sharing of good practices of active citizenship.

Why FLUMEN? The use of the Latin term for the word 'river' is not only a clear reference to our Tiber, but also contains within it that LUMEN, that flame of hope in change that we want to keep lit and make flow among the people. A river of activity that goes out to the sea, that opens up towards new horizons, without either dryness or satiety, without ever shutting off the source, letting it flow.

“Chi ritiene che tutto sia perfetto nell'umanità-società-realtà, ci pensi. Ma un punto sia chiaro: che le difficoltà non impediscono di cominciare, di farsi centro di nonviolenza. Ogni musica ha cominciato, prima di aspettare che tutti ascoltassero. Ognuno che è innamorato non aspetta che tutti quanti si innamorino”. (Aldo Capitini)

Aktivitetens format Deltagande på plats
Startar den 27/08/2022 15:00
Till 28/08/2022 23:59
Tidszon [MET] Medeleuropeisk tid
Arrangeras av Movimento Nonviolento; Io, Noi - ODV; Biblioteca per la Nonviolenza
Organisationens webbplats
Åldersgrupp 14-17; 18-24; 25-30; 31-35
Språk på aktiviteten Italienska
Typ av aktivitet Festival
Aktivitetens ämnen Deltagande och engagemang; EU:s värden; Inkludering och jämlikhet; Utbildning; Klimat och miljö; EU:s ungdomsprogram; Solidaritet med Ukraina; Annat
Anmälan Du kan, men behöver inte anmäla dig
Rullstolstillgänglighet Helt rullstolsanpassad
Ungdomsmål som aktiviteten är kopplad till Föra EU närmare ungdomarna; Jämställdhet mellan alla kön; Inkluderande samhällen; Utrymme och deltagande för alla; Ett hållbart grönt Europa; Ungdomsorganisationer och europeiska program
Hänger samman med konferensen om Europas framtid Nej
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