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ERASMUS+ Virtual Exchange

The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project 2018-2020 is now finished. Please stay tuned to the European Youth Portal for further developments!

Upon completion of activities and meeting the criteria, participants are eligible to receive an Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Open Badge. Open Badges have been developed to recognise young people, educators and youth workers’ participation in Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange activities.

Badges Ecosystem

A digital badge certifies that you have certain competencies and/or that you have taken part in certain activities.  The concept of a badge is similar to badges that scouts receive for skills they acquire or activities that they have taken part in and display on the sleeve of their uniform or on their backpacks. Each of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange activities has one or more badges that you can earn for completing the activities. These badges are issued by the activity promoter through Open Badge Factory, and are displayed on Open Badge Passport.

When successfully completing the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange activity, participants will receive an email notification about the Open Badge. It can take up to two weeks after finishing the activity for the Open Badge to become available. When you click on the Get your badge button in the email, you will be able to collect your badge from Open Badge Factory. We recommend you create an Open Badge Passport account where you can display your badges, or you can download it to your computer to import into another display system of your choice.

Each badge is associated with the development of certain competencies, which are understood as encompassing a combination of skills, attitudes and knowledge developed through engagement with the respective activities and roles. More information on Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Competences Framework. 

Here are some of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange activity badges currently available for young people:

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