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Ukraine flag © Alice Kotlyarenko – Unsplash

How to give support to Ukraine?

Последно ажурирана на Среда, 11/05/2022

Many initiatives are flourishing on the web to offer shelter to refugees, provide food or clothes or to transport goods and people. Before donating money, double check the organisations managing the funds. Make sure to check websites from your government. In this article, you will see that there are many ways to support Ukraine.

Type of actions you can take:
  • Protesting for peace, find the nearest demonstration here.
  • Contacting your Russian friends to raise awareness on the need to act for peace, many are taking the streets to protest, taking the risk of being imprisoned. 
  • Offering shelter to Ukrainian refugees (many initiatives on Facebook but also on dedicated platforms such as this one) - check our dedicated article
  • Signing petitions (here is a list of open petitions).
  • Donating to NGOs 
  • Volunteering with e.g. NGOs providing support to refugees

Here are some examples of international organisations:


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