MORE S.Te.P(S) to Solidarity-A3 Summer S.Te.P

MORE S.Te.P(S) to Solidarity-A3 Summer S.Te.P

Council of Community Volunteering ( SKE) Avgorou


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The Individual Volunteering Activity "Summer S.Te.P" is coordinated by SKE Avgorou and hosted at our Above mentioned Projects based in Avgorou Community. We will bring together young people through the European Solidarity Corps and empower and support vulnerable by responding to societal challenges and needs. The project offers an empowering experience for young people who want to help, learn and develop, while also allowing intercultural exchanges.Participants will be called to actively participate in all the activities that the organization implements, including a “Getting to Know the Organization Different Projects” program, as well as delivery of various activities within the frame of the places and the time period that the volunteers will have in each place, and, evaluation and accreditation. Weekly Activities Schedule will be prepared and sent to participants after arrival where each participant will have clear in which place will be activate.

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ESC will cover to all travel, accommodation and leaving expenses for the volunteers. This also includes linguistic support, insurance and where needed any special assistance. Travel top budgets: These are defined by ESC as follows and depending on distant bands (€) • The currency in Cyprus is EURO. • Pocket money comes up to 5 euro per day and is given to the volunteer at the first week of each month. • Food Allowance: A monthly Food Allowance amount for each Volunteer will cover nutrition. Tickets for Cyprus will be bought by the Hosting Organization after consideration with volunteer

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Pre Departure training organized by the Supporting Organization. On Arrival Training organized by the National Agency of Cyprus Task related and Getting to know the organization projects training, organized by the coordinator/Hosting Organization. Youthpass Training and Learning Process training organized by the Mentors Group,

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Age: 18 – 30 Gender balance, respect differences and discretion will be kept. The selection process by the Hosting organization will be fair and open to all. Participants should have Intermediate level of English Communication. Volunteers will undergo a few interviews on line with the ESC Coordinator prior to final selection. Participants must be registered on the European Solidarity Corps platform. No special skills or qualifications needed. Volunteer motivation is needed in order to be open and positive in helping vulnerable groups of population such as kids and elderly.


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