Last call !!! Open minded volunteers ART in NATURE

Last call !!! Open minded volunteers ART in NATURE

Stowarzyszenie Kilturalne Pocztówka

Hajnówka, Poland

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Last call!! but great opportunity for YOU!! Small town in village in Poland need your help in gardening work. We will carry about green space around art and volunteering center I Hajnowka and in garden of association's house in small village. You can create your own garden or help us do fancy green space. It will be work: * in rural space, in small town hajnowka and in the forest Puszcza Białowieska * outside * with work with volunteers from EU - 10 person * you can hel old person to prepare small garden for springtime season You can: * help us a lot * propose your ideas * be part of team of young person * take part in eco art street action * BIULD WITH US NATURAL TENT Maybe you would like to focus on: * green work? *social media work? * catering work? Don't worry. If you won't to do something in garden and won't to do something eco for planet but you never did it - contact us. We will do it together.

Majoitus, ateriat ja kuljetukset

We will provide 2-3 person room in big art art and volunteers center in Hajnówka @Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne Pocztówka. For you will be: * room * open space kitchen * toilets * workshop room * garden around Hajnowka Centralna - Stacja Kultury *garden in village Policzna You will get money: * for transport / all expenses will be covered * for food - you will bet cash to buy food * for pocket money - 4 Euro/day, is about 120 Euro per month

Koulutus hankkeen aikana

You will take part in: * gardening work * workshops or eco forest style life * haw to build eco tents in forest * secret life of herbs * eco segregation * trip to Białowieża Forest * fire camp * workshop of eco jewelry

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Are you eco? Do you want be eco? Do you want to help us in green work? Do you want toiler about it? Do yu want to make photo? Do you want to carry about social media? Do you know lear about herbs? do you want ... but IF YOU: *girls/boy from cities and you know nothing about green work * wanter t spend time in rural space and do something to help local people CONTACT US WE WANT TO COOPERATE WITH OPEN MONDED PEOPLE YOU DON'T NEED SPECIAL SKILLS.


Yhteensä 8 viikkoa ajalla 18/04/202218/06/2022


Dworcowa 1, 17-200 Hajnówka Poland

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