GRENZENLOS - non profit intercultural exchange NGO

GRENZENLOS - non profit intercultural exchange NGO

Verein Grenzenlos - interkultureller Austausch

Wien, Austria

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Descrizione dell'attività

THIS ESC PROJECT IS EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE FOR YOUNGSTERS WITH DISABILITY!! Grenzenlos is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation located in Vienna. We are part of an international youth exchange network. Our main aim is to promote peace and tolerance through international non-formal education programmes that combine cultural integration with engagement in non-profit initiatives worldwide. We are a small team but many people, local as well as international, visit our office on a regular basis, which makes the office a lively place to work in, with many opportunities to meet people. As a volunteer you will learn about NGO and office work, as well as about international youth exchange and voluntary service programs. You will support us with different tasks, depending on your interest, skills, and abilities • Please read the PROJECT DESCRIPTION:

Alloggio, vitto e trasporto

You will be provided with accessible accommodation, monthly food allowance, and a ticket for public transport for the duration of your volunteering project. • FAQ: • PROJECT IMPRESSIONS: BLOG by a previous volunteer at Grenzenlos: REPORT by a previous volunteer at Grenzenlos: SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and Facebook: @grenzenlos.volunteering TikTok: @grenzenlos_volo

Formazione durante l'attività

You will have the opportunity to attend a number of trainings, such as Welcome Days, Youthpass workshop, team meetings, on-arrival training provided by the Austrian National Agency, etc. If necessary, we can also organize an APV (advanced planning visit), which means that you can come to Vienna together with an accompanying person before project start to get to know each other, have a look at the office and accommodation, and to discuss everything relevant. Please read carefully HOW TO APPLY:

Profilo del partecipante

The volunteering placement at Grenzenlos is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE FOR YOUNGSTERS WITH DISABILITIES. Applicants furthermore should be: - open minded - interested in NGO and office work - motivated to learn more about the world of volunteering - ready to challenge themselves - ready to show a sense of initiative - willing to try out new things - motivated to meet new people No previous knowledge or skills necessary. TO APPLY please send your CV, motivational letter AND the filled in "Melange application form" to

Data dell'attività

Un totale di 26 settimana/e nel periodo compreso tra 01/05/2024 e 31/10/2024

Luogo dell'attività

Latschkagasse, 1/4, 1090 Wien Austria

 Volontariato individuale

Cercasi partecipanti da

Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaigian, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Belgio, Bulgaria, Bielorussia, Cipro, Repubblica ceca, Germania, Danimarca, Algeria, Estonia, Egitto, Grecia, Spagna, Finlandia, Francia, Georgia, Croazia, Ungheria, Irlanda, Israele, Islanda, Italia, Giordania, Libano, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Lussemburgo, Lettonia, Libia, Marocco, Moldova (Republic of), Montenegro, Macedonia del Nord, Malta, Paesi Bassi, Norvegia, Polonia, Palestina, Portogallo, Romania, Serbia, Russian Federation, Svezia, Slovenia, Slovacchia, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turchia, Ucraina, Kosovo * UN resolution, British Antarctic Territory, Anguilla, Aruba, Saint-Barthélemy, Bermuda, Bonaire Sint Eustatius and Saba, Canary Islands, Curaçao (CW1), Isole Falkland (le), Guyana francese (la), Groenlandia (la), Guadalupa (la), Territorio britannico dell’Oceano Indiano (il), Isole Cayman (le), Saint Martin (french part), Martinica (la), Montserrat, Nuova Caledonia (la), Polinesia francese (la), St Pierre and Miquelon, Pitcairn, Riunione (la), Saint Helena, Sint Maarten (dutch part), Isole Turks e Caicos (le), French Southern and Antarctic Territories, Virgin Islands (British), Wallis e Futuna

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Termine di presentazione delle domande: 30/11/2023