Bolu provincial directorate of youth and sports

Bolu provincial directorate of youth and sports


Stadyum Street Number:13, 14200, BOLU, Türkiye - +903742151357

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Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı’nın İllerdeki hizmetlerini Gençlik Hizmetleri ve Spor İl Müdürlüğü yürütür. Provincial Directorate of youth and sport is in charge of services of Youth and Sports Ministry. It has special budget Youth centres which services to young people and similar facilities, establishing of youth and scouting as well as publicity
* Encourage youth in every part of social life actively
* carry out studies which prevent youth from bad habits and carry out activities
* Organizing national and local youth activities
* Supporting projects initially which focus on youth with disadvantages
* Ensuring coordination and collaboration between bodies/NGOs in youth and sport field
* To carry out activities in education and culture which can help to improve self-improvement of youth
• To carry out activities aimed at increasing the interest of young people in science, art and cultural fields and
to support the activities carried out within the scope.
• Identifying policies that support the personal and social development of youth,
needs of young people to realize their own potential
ensure effective participation in all areas of social life through decision-making and implementation processes.
to develop recommendations and carry out activities in this direction;
to provide coordination and cooperation in its services.
• Conducting sports activities within the plan and program and in accordance with the legislation.
taking measures to encourage its development and spread.
• Ensuring the spread of youth and sports clubs
• To ensure the spread of sports to the base
• Ensuring that the public reaches healthy living standards through sports
• Organizing Local, Regional and National Sports Competitions
• Training of athletes
• Dissemination of School Sports
• Planning Sports Activities, Cultural and Social Activities and Trainings for the Disabled and
• Youth Camps
• Introducing geographical beauties and historical places to youth through cultural excursions

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Youth Camps In Bolu
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Tem. 2019 to Eyl. 2019
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