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We are the Municipality of Quart de Poblet, a city in the Valencian Community, Spain. Belonging to the province Valencia and the region of l'Horta Sud. It has 25,472 inhabitants (INE 2010).
We have experience developing projects of young creation and giving resources to the organized township youth to carry out their projects in this regard.
We have our young people to develop youth policies, which have been developing since 1985 with the local Youth Council and various organizations.
Quart de Poblet is a municipality with a large participatory and associative tradition. The City of Quart de Poblet:
Count on 200 permanent employees and several contracts of services and 5 people devoted to the issue of youth.
-We have, among others, a Municipal Council for Culture and a Local Youth Council, and 38 youth and cultural organizations, receiving financing from the municipality
-Specifically in youth, and from the co-management approach spaces and programs, has agreements collaboration with the Youth Council of Quart de Poblet, Regional Federation of Youth Centers, Esplais Valencians, the Association ProRock Quart de Poblet, (APK) and recently with the Movement against Intolerance association.
-Organize Annually, in conjunction with local authorities:
Quartmetratges, short film competition. RolenQuart, meeting RPGs.
Jesta, meeting of board games. Anchorite Rock music festival with groups in the area.
Contests and Biennials of Painting, Sculpture, Prints, Visual Arts, Photography and Social and Human Sciences.
It's promoter Xarxa JOVES.net Consortium, a network of municipalities of Valencia working together from their youth policies, and has received the Award of networking Good Contest practices in the State Youth Information Network of Youth Information Services, Award Promotion Youth associations of the Consell de la Joventut Valencia and official recognition of the Youth Institute, the Youth Institute of Spain. With it has organized competitions Intracity Last and public art.

Volunteering project

Projektnamn Project Dates Sista ansökningsdag Status
Quart és Europa! Promoting EU values among the youth of Quart
A total of 32 week(s) during the period
Mar 2019 to Dec 2019
01/03/2019 - 01/12/2019
13/02/2019 closed

Den här organisationen har fått Europeiska solidaritetskårens kvalitetsmärkning, som intygar att organisationens projekt är i linje med kårens mål och principer.

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