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The Federation was established in 2008 as a fusion of 5 Roma Associations from the Mediterranean (Mersin) region to bring a momentum to development of the Roma at the fields of education, employment, housing and culture.
After its founding, with the establishment of its departments, the federation first started a survey in the area of Roma to detect the problem areas to seek for due solutions.
After the survey AKROMFED determined its main activity fields up to 2016 as follows:

• Activities supporting the EDUCATION of Roma
. Activities for raising the awareness on DISCRIMINATION and RACISM
• Activities for providing EMPLOYMENT possibilities to Roma people.
• Activities for STRENGTHENING THE ROMA IDENTITY and maintaining the respect towards the Roma culture by both new generations of Roma and non-Roma citizens.
• Launching ADVOCACY activities through a network of Roma civil society organizations with an aim of development of State Policy for Roma in Turkey.

Since then AKROMFED gained a vast experience in implementing various projects in all these fields. It also became one of the founders of Turkey’s wide Roma platform “Turkish Roma Rights Forum - ROMFO” and with this forum established a network in four regions of Turkey.

Founders and members of AKROMFED are activists with broad knowledge of the situation of Roma and Roma NGOS and developed capacities and skills in addressing the specific needs for their development into an influential movement. They come from different walks of life and various educational backgrounds and serve as key resource of AKROMFED for implementing activities on the local community level as well as on regional and national level.

Organizational Vision and Mission:
In a participatory manner and having in mind the profound experience of AKROMFED members, the federation representatives developed the organizational Vision, Mission and its strategic goals for the period 2016-2020.
AKROMFED, as a federation of Roma NGOs, is a leading organization in elevating Roma education level, enhancing employment opportunities, is the strongest advocate for Roma rights, have ensured that Roma language is being heard, have enhanced the capacities of Roma NGOs and ensured adequate participation of Roma in all democratic processes in Turkey.
AKROMFED’s work as federation of Roma NGOs focuses on closing the educational gap between Roma and the others, is contributing towards improving housing situation, opening new employment opportunities for Roma and improving the quality of work force in the Roma community, advocates for Roma rights, strengthening the political awareness and sense of belonging trough increasing the capacity of individuals, NGOs and media, and ensuring participation of Roma all democratic and decision making processes

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This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Dahil etme kategorisiKabul eden projelerGönderen projelerKoordine eden projelerEv sahibi kuruluşSupporting organisation
Social obstacles
Educational difficulties
Cultural differences

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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Role Sona erme tarihi
Ev sahibi25/04/2023
Koordine eden25/04/2023
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Last updated on 14/03/22

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