Bitlis Valiligi Proje Koordinasyon ve Egitim Merkezi (BIPEM)

Bitlis Valiligi Proje Koordinasyon ve Egitim Merkezi (BIPEM)

Hüsrevpaşa Mah. Ahmet Eren Bulvarı Hükümet Konağı Giriş Kat Bipem Bürosu No:80, 13000, MERKEZ, Türkiye - +904342267192

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As the formal umbrella project organization of Bitlis, we are willing and substantially qualified to manage the Erasmus+ and IPA projects in cooperation with enthusiastic and suitable partners. Our city is situated in the East of Turkey and has a wide variety of project fields provided by its cultural, historical and geographical richness thanks to being reigned by Persian Empire, Macedonian, Romania, Byzantine civilizations, Ottoman and Seljuk Empire centuries ago.
As Bitlis Valiliği Proje Koordinasyon ve Eğitim Merkezi , we are authorized to coordinate, monitor, direct, assist and cooperate all the non-profit private business concerns, organizations and institutions including Ministry of Education, schools, civil society organizations etc in our city in the matter of all the project preparation, appliance and partner finding processes. We are entitled to share the existing knowledge and experience with other organizations enthusiastic to work on projects and introduce all the favorable programs announced by EU. We also aim to manage the relationships and secure the corporation between the private business concerns, organizations or institutions and EU ministry, EU Commission, international organizations during the implementation processes of the programs. We are qualified for giving technical or administrative help to the organizations interested in preparing and/or working out projects and even for undertaking the roles of project advisor or project leader in necessary circumstances. We also check the project notices in EU Ministries’ pages as well as other National Agents’ pages, forward the grant calls to suitable public institutions, schools, civil society organizations or private business concerns and coordinate the probable stakeholders. For youngs, we aim to contribute to the social life of our youngs through increasing their participation in Youth Projects, to facilitate European and international mobility and exchange of ideas with a mutual understanding and in a peacefull atmosphere by encouraging an active citizenship for a democratic and united society.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC: 910480025 OID: E10000829
Last updated on 23/02/24