OCF "The Way Home"

OCF "The Way Home"

Sofiivskaya str., 10, 65082, Odessa, Ukraine

http://wayhome.org.ua - +380487772076

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The Foundation "The Way Home" has been active since 1996 in the city Odessa and Odessa region.
Mission of the Odesa Charity Foundation “The Way Home” is “helping a person in complicated life circumstances, especially a child, on way to overcoming his/her problems and to receiving the vision of own opportunities in the society”.
The goal of the Foundation is to provide appropriate conditions for ensuring the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, social adaptation, achieving the sustainability of vulnerable children and adults.
Our aims are:
- provision of services to children from families in complicated life circumstances and children without supervision, namely: care and upbringing of children, provision of social and psychological rehabilitation, social adaptation, education, extracurricular education, psychocorrection, rehabilitation, vocational guidance of children;
- providing comprehensive care and temporary safe shelter to women who are in crisis or have suffered from gender-based or domestic violence;
- providing services to families with difficulties in providing education, training, safe conditions for physical and cognitive development of preschool children;
- activities aimed at improving the education, cognitive, creative and personal development, physical and mental health of vulnerable children and adults;
- implementation of social support, psychological, in-kind, legal assistance, counseling, information, representation of interests for vulnerable families;
- establishment of social enterprises, training and production plants, agricultural farms for training and internship of vulnerable children and adults to acquire professions;
- organization of professional training of vulnerable children and adults;
- promoting broad public involvement in charitable activities and solving vulnerable people's problems.
Target groups are provided with services:
- families in difficult circumstances, families of internally displaced persons from the conflict zone in Eastern part of Ukraine, children and youth in difficult circumstances, street teenagers, former inmates of boarding schools, women–victims of violence, as well as at-risk groups in the public health area: HIV-infected persons, homeless people, drug users and their partners. Annual general coverage by the Foundation’s services is about 14000 people.
Regular activities:
• Complex of services for children and youth in complicated circumstances: care and patronage, social and educational development,
• Psychological and educational support for their families,
• Meeting the primary needs of people in complicated circumstances,
• Social patronage for people from risk groups of socially dangerous diseases.
Foundation has implemented more than 100 projects and has received financial support of about 25 donor organizations and hundreds of private donations. It has established 12 service centers for vulnerable children and adults in Odessa and Odessa region.
Activities were positively evaluated by UNAIDS and UNICEF in their reports. The Foundation is a part of regional Coordinating Board on the Issues of Public Health and a part of city Coordinating Board on the Issues of Family Policy, Gender Equality, Demographic Development, Prevention of Domestic Violence and Trafficking.
Volunteers are one of the main components of the Foundation's structure. They constantly participate in the work of the service centers of the Fund for vulnerable groups - children, youth and women.

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