AB Calismalari Merkezi Dernegi

AB Calismalari Merkezi Dernegi

Simon Bolivar cad. no:16 daire: B-17, Maliye Sitesi Çankaya-Ankara , 06550, Ankara, Türkiye

www.abmerkezi.org.tr - +905333002040

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The EU Activities Center (EUAC) is a lead non-governmental organisation in Turkey, founded on October 6, 2004, to contribute to the preparation for the accession of Turkey to the EU through training, conducting research, panels, symposiums, seminars and structured meetings, with the aim of raising awareness about Turkey's accession process, to help lifting prejudices and to promote lobbying activities. Representatives of various sectors, EU experts, as well as University professors support the operations of the association. In addition, the EUAC aims to promote the dialogue between Turkey, the other candidates, potential candidates and EU member countries. To this end, the EUAC organizes joint activities with other organisations and stakeholders from other candidate countries and member states. With its experienced staff on various EU policies and project preparation, another important objective of the EUAC is to transmit this experience to potential Turkish experts through training and internships and to disseminate information regarding the EU policies. The specific expertise of the association relates with all subtopics of EU policies and EU harmonization by the help of conducting research, evaluation and specialized studies on the economic, social, cultural, sectoral and regional outcomes of the implementation of EU policies in Turkey. Moreover, the association is involved in highlighting the changes that need to be made during the integration process with the EU, ensuring civic participation of non-governmental organizations at the local and national levels in accordance with the relevant legislation. In terms of social context related activities, the association promotes alignment of Turkey with EU standards through the establishment of joint mechanisms, the provision of support towards Turkish institutions, as well as to foster collaborations between the public sector, private actors and non-governmental organizations. Moreover, the association has established good contacts with competent governmental authorities, as well as with volunteering promoting organisations. EUAC has experience in working in interdisciplinary transnational consortia, with partners from the EU. For example, EUAC concluded successfully the implementation of the project "Identification and Standardization of the Professions of the EU Project Development Consultants / Experts" (EUCONS), including large-scale capacity building and awareness-raising activities, both in Turkey and other EU countries. EUAC is also leading an Erasmus KA2 – Adult Education Project funded in 2018, Volutoring Project. The project has two objectives; To foster social inclusion of low-skilled adult migrants in their recipient countries by building their literacy, numeracy and digital skills; and To elevate the level of support skills’ building services to migrants by introducing a new tutoring methodology, facilitated by volunteers. With this project, it has been observed that people who want to work voluntarily are between the ages of 18 and 30. Thus, EUAC has gained experience working with volunteer youth. Since adult education means people over the age of 18, young people have also been studied in this group. Finally, with the ALTER project, which is our Erasmus KA2 - Adult Education project in 2019, support has been provided for people who have adaptation problems to exercise their right to work. Specific project objectives include: To enhance media literacy competences and digital skills of adults having dropped out of the education system and attending alternative educational institutions through innovative learning tools; To encourage educators in alternative education or other equivalent institutions for adults to extend their media literacy and digital skills by understanding their significance and contribution to the advancement of the learners, both from an educational and a professional scope of view; To attract adults having dropped out of school to complete their secondary education by attending alternative educational institutions for adults through effective outreach strategy. Leaving school at an early age makes a difference between countries. For this reason, people from the age of 15 can leave the school. So adults can also be referred to as young people. Consequently, EUAC is an organisation who adopted the EU policies via fostering interdisciplinary collaborations in its mandate and has participated to the implementation of several initiatives in this field. Therefore, not only they are perfectly familiar with EU policies and EU standards, but also in a position to understand the level to which the national context in Turkey is aligned to these standards, what needs to be done for the next steps and also bring together the necessary actors to do so. Last but not least, the Centre also maintains strong networks and relationships with other similar actors in almost all EU countries.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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