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Al Sharq Forum (ASF):
Al Sharq Forum is an independent, international non-profit organization consisting of three units (Al Sharq Academia, Al Sharq Strategic Research & Al Sharq Youth) working in tandem to ensure the realization of its mission. The Forum aims to consolidate the values of pluralism and justice while developing long-term strategies and programs that contribute to the political development, economic prosperity, and social cohesion within the Al Sharq (Arabic for MENA) region and beyond.
Al Sharq Forum’s Units:
● Al Sharq Strategic Research
This unit serves as a think tank that looks to undertake impartial, rigorous research to promote the ideals of democratic participation, informed citizenship, multi-stakeholder dialogue, and social justice. In line with the objectives of the Forum, Al Sharq Strategic Research outlines three central areas of focus through its research programs, conferences, and publications: democratization and good governance, regional and international order, and transformation of ideologies and identities.
1. Publications: Al Sharq Strategic Research has published over 1,000 pieces on issues ranging from regional politics and security to regional economics and world politics. Its publications include analysis, research, and opinion pieces written by prominent experts in geopolitics.
2. Blogs: Short opinion or analytical pieces addressing the pressing questions or facets of ongoing political debates.
3. Programs: Thematic research tracks in MENA politics with various task forces. There are currently two tracks: the MENA Security Program and the Political Islam Program.
4. Events: Dynamic platforms bringing together researchers, academics, experts, and activists to foster informed dialogue, knowledge sharing, and culture of reasoned public discourse.
In addition to this, Al Sharq Strategic Research offers a 6-month paid internship for senior undergraduate students or recent graduates who are interested in the MENA region. The scheme consists of two stages. Firstly, the interns undergo a training program where they attend training workshops in critical thinking, reading, writing, and presentation skills. In the second stage, interns are expected to draw on their newly acquired skills to produce research papers under the guidance of their assigned mentors.
● Al Sharq Academia
Al Sharq Academia is an online platform offering an eclectic range of free academic courses aimed at disseminating knowledge from the social sciences and humanities and is targeted at civil and youth activists with a view to enhancing informed action. Its specialized courses on Al Sharq Region are divided into two main categories: Introduction to the Social Sciences and Introduction to Sharq Politics.
Presently, the unit has produced over 35 courses in different fields; more than 2,000 thousand certificates have been issued; with the participation of 33 professors, and more than 40,000 students. All of the courses are provided in both English and Arabic to cater to the theoretical and practical contexts of global and regional challenges.
● Al Sharq Youth (ASY)
Al Sharq Youth is a community of over 6,000 committed and active youth (aged 18-35) aspiring towards a more inclusive and just world. Organized around local communities of volunteers, the hubs engage with local and regional challenges. Al Sharq Youth especially targets youth groups, civic initiatives, and civil society members. With over 13 hubs in various cities in 7 regions across the globe, the hubs aim to:
• Initiate projects and activities that contribute to tackling challenges in the hub’s home city/country.
• Build and sustain a network of high-caliber young leaders who are committed to serving their local communities on a voluntary basis, with a global outlook.
• Connect Al Sharq Youth hub members in each city /country with local partners serving the same values to create collective impactful outcomes in addressing local challenges.
The Al Sharq Youth network has been supported and enhanced by three central programs which aim to: build youth leadership capacities (Fellowship Program), strengthen youth civic-initiatives and ecosystems through social incubation (Impact Program), as well as provide the space for profound and systematic dialogue on the various issues shaping the future (Diwan Program). Its cumulative experience in organizing high caliber and multi-stakeholder activities, as well as its network of policymakers and active hubs around the world, allows it to organize international annual conferences in addition to regional and local events around the world.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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