"New Sustainable Generation" organization

"New Sustainable Generation" organization

Krushevo 9, 2700, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

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New Sustainable Generation (NSG) is a youth organisation created by 3 generations of experienced youth workers, non-formal educators, trainers and facilitators. What solidifies us is the passion for making Europe climate-neutral by 2050 and protecting our natural habitat. We are all passionate about the future sustainable development of our Planet and we turned it into our main priority. We aim to improve the environmental status of our ecosystems and reduce the negative effects of pollution and other human activities.We would love to share with all people around us - youngsters and adults - our knowledge and experience in the field of Green economy and environmental protection.
New Sustainable Generation applies an innovative approach towards youngsters and adults by deep involvement in the activities of the organization. At New Sustainable Generation we are looking forward to helping people take actions for the changes we all need to thrive. Believing that here and now we can lay the foundations of a better Planet for the next generations, we invite you to check out our projects and team and join us.
Gain knowledge and confidence in planning and implementing YOUR initiatives for the better future of all human beings!
Mission and vision:
Support with all means possible the education and self-awareness of young people and adults about making Europe climate-neutral by 2050 and protecting our natural habitat;
Advocate for protection of human life, animals and plants, by cutting pollution;
Raise awareness among people about measures to address the main drivers of biodiversity loss;
Promote New EU Forest Strategy
Promote the European Green Deal
Encourage youngsters and adults to take initiatives for preserving and protecting biodiversity
Distribution and promotion of EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030
Education of youngsters and adults about the Circular Economy Action Plan and changing the way we consume and the way we produce
NSG mainly focuses on cooperation with Bulgarian and foreign Eco organizations to exchange experience in the field of sustainable development, education, culture and youth issues. We promote dialogue between young people from EU member states and candidate countries. Our activities involve people with fewer opportunities and NEETs on a local and international level.
We organize projects about volunteering, sustainable development, youth leadership, entrepreneurship, active citizenship, social inclusion, gamification, education through sport methodology, intercultural dialogue, management of human resources and others.
We are very experienced in the field of mobility learnings, such as training courses and youth exchanges, where we organize initiatives on eco, sport, cultural, social and volunteering topics, including workshops, seminars, and conferences.
NSG works mainly with local volunteers, youth workers and non-profit organizations. Our team has over 8 years of experience in the field of non-formal education and environmental protection. Thus, we created a solid network of over 80 international organisations all around the world. So far, we manage to cooperate successfully with the local public institutions, universities and other local NGOs, mainly in the field of non-formal education and active youth participation .
We have facilitated over 100 workshops, trainings, seminars, youth exchanges, most of them in Bulgaria, some in the Council of Europe’s Youth centers in Budapest and Strasbourg, and others all around Europe, Azia, South and North America. We cooperate with partners from all over the world to encourage youth participation and education in the field of environmental protection.
NSG is based in Blagoevgrad. The town is located in Southwestern Bulgaria and it is an administrative centre of Blagoevgrad Municipality and of Blagoevgrad Province. Blagoevgrad is the economic and cultural centre of Southwestern Bulgaria.
New Sustainable Generation aims to create proactive attitudes towards: improvement of the environmental status of our ecosystems; reduction of the negative effects of human activities; global issues in our local society. We promote participation and involvement of people in social processes on local and international level, using non-formal and informal education through conferences, meetings with local representatives of the state, flash mobs, workshops, etc.
NSG has been a project partner and organizer of local and international initiatives, projects and workshops for people with fewer opportunities and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds from its foundation.
NSG was established by seven founders with long-term experience in intercultural learning and international projects. Our team consists of several youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers with various profiles.
We are experienced in organizing eco workshops, raising awareness campaigns, flashmobs, exchanges, training and different kinds of international and local projects and events.

Deze organisatie heeft het kwaliteitskeurmerk van het Europees Solidariteitskorps gekregen. Dit keurmerk garandeert dat de organisatie in staat is projecten uit te voeren volgens de beginselen en doelstellingen van het Europees Solidariteitskorps.

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