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Çorum Provincial Directorate of National Education is the top management institution of all institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in Çorum province and provides formal and non-formal education, including primary, secondary, vocational and technical education, special education, school guidance services and lifelong learning within the borders of Çorum province. It is a public institution responsible for administrative affairs.

The organizational structure and duties of the Provincial Directorate of National Education are regulated according to the Presidential Decree on the Presidency Organization, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 10.07.2018 and numbered 30474. Çorum Provincial Directorate of National Education has been established in accordance with the provincial administration scheme of the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey, with the decree no. 652 on the organization and duties of the Ministry of National Education, whose management and supervision / control came into force on 14 September 2011, according to the central and organizational structure of the Ministry of National Education. . According to this structure, the services of the provincial directorate of national education are carried out under the chairmanship of the provincial director of national education, under the coordination of the deputy director of national education of 3 provinces, under the responsibility of 8 branch directors, with 13 branches, 17 units and departments belonging to these units.

There are 17 service units operating in Çorum Provincial Directorate of National Education which are: Basic Education Unit, Secondary Education Unit, Vocational and Technical Education Unit, Religious Education Unit, Special Education and Guidance Services Unit, Lifelong Learning Unit, Private Education Institutions Unit, Information Processing and Educational Technologies Unit, Measurement, Evaluation and Exam Services Unit, Higher Education and Foreign Education Unit, Strategy Development Unit, R&D Unit, Human Resources Management Unit, Support Services Unit, Construction and Real Estate Unit, Education Inspectors Unit, Press and Public Relations Unit.

It is organized to plan, program, manage, supervise, develop and evaluate the duties of the Ministry of National Education in the province of Çorum and it continues to exist in accordance with the Constitution, laws, circulars, regulations and related directives.

Policy making, monitoring the implementation of education policies; monitoring and evaluation of educational environments, programs, materials, student affairs and social activities; Researching, planning and developing projects to meet educational needs are among the activities of the directorate.

One of the main purposes of the Directorate is to develop, implement and maintain systems for the production and provision of quality information necessary for critical decision making by administrators, teachers, parents and other stakeholders, and for the continuous evaluation of students' performance at all levels of the education system.

As of 2021, 3107 students in 27 pre-school education institutions affiliated to Çorum National Education Directorate; 35663 students in 213 primary schools; 31572 students in 156 secondary schools; There are 35,953 students in 106 high schools.

Research and Development (R&D) units have been established within the provincial national education directorates since 2010 in order to prevent repetitions and to ensure that the activities are carried out manually in studies whose common denominator is to increase success in education. quality improvement and project development activities constitute the field of study. For this reason, projects for local, regional, national and international education and training activities, which are desired to be realized within the borders of our province, are carried out under the responsibility of the R&D unit.

In the distribution of duties between the branches of Çorum Provincial Directorate of National Education, the person responsible for R&D branch is Ahmet ÇAYLAK, the branch manager.

Key personnel for the application will be Erasmus Coordinator Galip Devrim Çağlayan and R & D Unit Coordinator Hasan Bayram. Hasan Bayram and Galip Devrim Çağlayan have sufficient experience as contact persons thanks to their experience in national and international projects. Apart from these two names, R & D Unit personnel Mehmet BİÇER and Betül KAVAŞ are key people as they have experience in writing and reporting, Filiz OBUZ in activity tracking, and accounting unit chief Ayhan KARATAŞ in financial responsibility follow-up.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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