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Tev ir 18 gadi un tu dzīvo programmas “Erasmus+” valstī? Ir laiks paplašināt savu komforta zonu.

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Meet, connect, explore – Budapest is waiting for YOU!

No: Thursday, 04/08/2022 - 11:00 Līdz: Thursday, 04/08/2022 - 18:00 [CET] Centrāleiropas laiks

We know that you have waited for so long to explore Europe, let us help you fulfil your plan. Join us for an amazing meet up in the city of culture, the beautiful Budapest!

About the programme:

Have you ever wanted to travel in time, from the past to the future? Never really understood how banks and financial institutes are operating? During our visit to the Hungarian Money Museum, you can jump in a time machine, and unravel the mystery of the everyday trading tool – we call money. Printing banknotes, making the economic balanced (or creating a financial disaster), and trading at the stock market are all waiting for you in games of this special place!

The afternoon will bring us a unique workshop where you can create a handicraft that will always remind you the Hungarian capital.

And what about food? We got you covered! Nobody can leave Hungary without having a nice (and tasty) lunch and dinner.

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Meetup information

Vieta: Tempus Public Foundation, Budapest, Ungārija

Topic: Culture & cultural heritage

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