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ERASMUS+ Virtual Exchange

The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project 2018-2020 is now finished. Please stay tuned to the European Youth Portal for further developments!

Clara // Italy

Clara studies foreign languages and literature in Italy, she joined the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Connect programme in 2019.
“I really enjoyed the feeling of meeting new people with whom I could express my ideas without being judged and from whom I could learn something new every week.”
“I liked the ‘what in the world’ activity our facilitators organised. He described an animal and we had draw it based on a description. Most people ended up drawing an elephant but it was actually an aardvark – the activity highlighted how we can easily jump to conclusions based on our preconceived ideas.”

“I learnt many things about the other participants’ countries, which was very interesting! Also, I discovered that I was able to speak with them and communicate well enough. This made me feel confident. I enjoyed making new friends as well.”

“I enjoyed the possibility of asking questions about things that are important but not often talked about and to do it with people from all over the world. I recall one of the participants in my group was living in a country in war and I think that for him, talking to us was a way to free his mind and maybe feel less scared. One evening, during one of our virtual discussions, he told us he could hear the bombings. We were all shocked; for me it was unbelievable. I wonder how could he be there with us? He explained that he needed to improve his English and that he was glad to come to the sessions.”

“It was very nice to meet him! And especially, finding out that wars are not like what they show on the news. It’s not just about bombs and money, it’s about real living people.”

“The Connect programme experience was exciting and comfortable; I learned new things and gathered new experiences but without having to go outside or travel.”