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Have your say on climate action with Peer Parliaments

Posledná aktualizácia piatok, 17/12/2021

Ideas move the world and can help to improve it. Do you have ideas on how to tackle climate change? Join the Climate Pact’s “Peer Parliaments” and make yourself heard!

Peer Parliaments are a new tool for citizens to share their views about climate change. Europe’s future climate policies will only succeed if it is designed for people and with people. The aim of the Peer Parliaments is to bring together a group of 5-10 interested people, friends, families, colleagues, and neighbours in an informal setting to debate how Europe can become climate neutral. All you need to do is choose a topic from the list and discuss it.

  • How we move and get around (sustainable mobility)
  • How we make energy green and fair (sustainable energy)
  • How we eat and consume (sustainable consumption)
How it works

To host a Peer Parliament, you just need to follow these three steps:

  • Register as a host. You will be able to invite a group of 5-10 interested people for an informal get-together. You can choose any place that you find suitable (at home, in the park, online). You will be provided with fun and interesting materials based on the topics that you have chosen to discuss with your group. Each topic focuses on two main questions and challenges, to which you and your group can discuss possible solutions.
  • Run your Peer Parliament: Send the learning materials to your guests prior to the event. During the debate, you have to act as the moderator.
  • Submit your results: After the debate, you will have to vote on the preferred solutions and submit your group results. Your ideas will be collected in a final report that will be discussed with European policymakers and stakeholders and fed into the Conference on the Future of Europe for Europe’s future climate policies.
Who can become a host?

Anyone! You can even host three different Peer Parliaments, each one on a different topic. 

What is the timeline?

The Peer Parliaments will finish at the end of January 2022. The final report will be drafted and published in early 2022.

Don’t miss your chance and register here!

All details are available here.