Csodavár Egyesület

Csodavár Egyesület

Csodavár Egyesület

Csodavár Egyesület, 7130, Tolna, Hungary

www.csodavaregyesulet.hu - +36307138483

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The „ Csodavár Association” considers it its primary task to deal with children in a familiar, warm, friendly, safe, loving atmosphere, with personalized, differentiated treatment, modeling a large family where the adult is constantly present and all children can count on it. We run day care services, nurseries. Our target is the full development of the child's personality, while respecting fundamental human rights and freedoms in a familiar atmosphere.
In our nursery (child care centres) we take care of children according to their age and personality, if possible flexibly adapting to parents ’requests. As it is not the quantity but the quality of the time spent together that determines the child's development, we consider it an important task to provide value, cultural and social education in addition to meeting their daily needs for children in a family environment. . Environmental awareness and education for a healthy lifestyle should be present in everyday life as well as the exercise of age-appropriate skills, the encouragement and promotion of the development of individual talent.

We run early childhood education services in two cities in Hungary, tonws:Tolna and Bonyhád. We take care of young children aged 1-3 on a daily basis. In Tolna there are 3 groups with 21 small children, in Bonyhád there are two groups with 14 small children. The small number of children provides an opportunity for individualized treatment to meet the needs of children with special needs. We adjust our educational principles and program to the age and personality of the children. The natural need of children is to provide physicaly and emotional safety. . The primary arena of learning is play, cooperation with the adult, development of habits, processing of experiences, helping the development of cognitive processes.

Main areas of activity:

• Free play is a means of cognition development and self-expression, a fundamental activity of child development. At the same time a source of joy for the child. It contributes to the knowledge of the world, helps physical, intellectual and social development.

• Through creative activities such as drawing, painting, construction toys, constructive toys, we develop perception, tactile, eye and hand coordination, fine motor movement, self-expression, creative mood.

• Verbal development serves emotional, intellectual and social development, its aim is to gain knowledge and experience. Poems, tales, puppetry are of great importance in expanding vocabulary and learning. Our tales include both Hungarian folk tales and children's tales, masterpieces of modern children's literature.

• Environmental education and environmental knowledge serve to get to know the narrower and wider environment: family, nature and the seasons. We organize playful sessions in the room as well as in the garden.

• In the framework of education for a healthy lifestyle, we consider exercise, playful movement development, outdoor games, meals in the open air important. We strive to develop good hygiene habits (bathing, hand washing, brushing teeth, dressing, following the rules of cultured eating, etc.).

• The target of music education here is to arise children's interest and make them sensitive to the sounds of the environment. Enrich their emotions with the singing game and the joy of singing together. In our institutions, music education is of outstanding quality. Klára Cseke, a music teacher, holds “Hedgehog music” classes on a weekly basis based on her own themes. Singing, rhyme, lap games appear several times during the day and are always associated with playful movement. We associate it with various playing activities, weather, times of the day, holidays, and we also play instruments. The song collection of the music sessions is selected thematically from the book Nursery Music Education.

• Many year ago we have been regularly visited us in both cities by colleagues from a Snail Foundation, they are working with therapeutic dogs. This is very popular for the little children and parents too.

• The emotional intelligence is also very important for us. Gyalog Hortenzia parents-children coah holds playful sessions on this topic for our children in every month.

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This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

  • Educational difficulties
  • Cultural differences
  • Economic obstacles

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Day care centre for kids aged 1-4years + community building programme
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vlj 2016 to sij 2017
01/02/2016 - 31/01/2017
29/09/2015 closed

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