Amycos Organización No Gubernamental para la Cooperación Solidaria

Amycos Organización No Gubernamental para la Cooperación Solidaria

Calle Molinillo 3, 09002, Burgos, Spain - +34 947 277121

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AMYCOS is a Development NGO, which is non-religious, independent and pluralistic. Its first objective is to promote justice and equality. This goal commits AMYCOS to multiple objectives: to work for peace and reconciliation, support nonviolence, and to fight against all forms of discrimination (religious, gender, social class, ethnicity etc.) to face up to the fact that at the same time as material prosperity is increasingly concentrated to the few there is growing hunger and poverty in the world, to staunchly defend the human rights of the people, to promote attitudes and policies that lead us to create responsible relationships with the environment.

With these purposes AMYCOS has developed different strategic lines, which we focus our motivations, skills and passion. The action fields where we work on are:

1. Awareness Raising and Education for the sustainable development: because education creates a more aware and informed generation.

2. Advocacy: because we believe that the world can change.

3. .Development Cooperation Projects: because solidarity is justice.

4. Social Action: because there are a lot of things to do in a local territory.

5. International Volunteering: to understand the reality you should live it.

With the knowledge that unity gives strength, AMYCOS tries to maintain a network in many different fields, collaborating actively with other NGOs and participating in different campaigns, in a local, national or international level.

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Bridging intercultural, intergenerational and social divide