Academia de Formação Equestre e Hipoterapia de Valongo e Campo

Academia de Formação Equestre e Hipoterapia de Valongo e Campo

Rua da Mourama, 50, 4440-060, Valongo, Portugal

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AFEHVC - Academia de Formação Equestre e Hipoterapia de Valongo e Campo it's a non-profit association and It was created to answer community needs, specially to those with lack of resources. Its aim is to provide educational, recreational, therapeutic, sports and rehabilitation activities, counting on its team of accredited professionals.

The AFEHVC, is governed by high quality standards and it allows horse lovers' the perfect conditions to practice horse ridding sports. It has an excellent school, promotes equestrian competitions and equestrian walks. Its mission is to promote the practice of horse riding making it suitable to everyone. It also provides the best service quality, as well as a dynamic protocol of cooperation with several, public and private entities.

Its involvement in the community, answers the lack of response to the practice of riding, hippo therapy and therapeutic riding, as well as a refuge from the pressure of urban centers, providing life quality to people of all ages, allowing unique sensations among nature. It also promotes bonds of solidarity and affection, unique experiences with horses and it encourages proximity to the local community. The AFEHVC association has a small pedagogical farm, which provides contact with several kinds of farm animals. This space, is intended to allow a new experience by dealing with farm animals and farm activities. By providing direct contact with several farm animals, losses of fear are fomented as well as a deeper knowledge of each animal (what do they eat, where do they live, the name of the male, female and cubs, the gestation period, the designation of certain set of animals and what is its role in farm, etc...);

His intervention is based on values ​​such as solidarity, social responsibility, dynamism, creativity, professionalism, affection, closeness and respect for the other. The direct recipients are people with disabilities, mental illness, special educational needs, young people with less opportunities and other citizens economically or socially disadvantaged. In turn, and equally important, are the indirect recipients, the families of the participants, since it is intended to help human and therapeutic family systems, which is a triangulation that aims to help rehabilitation / rehabilitation of controlled behaviors, a new psycho-emotional and social integration of the individual group of the family.

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This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

  • Health problems
  • Cultural differences
  • Disability

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