Burdur Municipality

Burdur Municipality

Burdur Belediyesi

Pazar mahallesi Belediye Sokak Hali Sarayi Hizmet Bınasi 15100 Burdur /Turkey , 15100, Burdur, Türkiye

www.burdur.bel.tr - +905050210505

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We are a non-profit governmental body and local government in Burdur province. By focusing all living things; We strive to provide a high quality urban life with the best service standards. Our municipality strives to be an exemplary city in the world with the values ​​it creates. We implement 2023 sustainable development goals. Being a member of European Solidarity Corps is very valuable for us.
We have a large campus area. We care about the environment. Green areas, parks, bicycle paths, walking paths, children's parks are multiplied. We have Youth Unit, a hotel, a guest house, four restaurants, flower and trees greenhouse, animal shelter, nursing home, social support center, handicraft center, sports facilities, environmental education center, cafeteria. Areas of our institution are protected by 7/24 security.
Perform the duties given by the state. We try to build a healthy, safe city.
We work with the World Health Organization, the Union of Historical Cities and the Union of Municipalities.
We organize art, sports, cultural events, workshops, festivals, seminars, training and courses for all people. Care about especially for future generations
Our municipality is based on the public interest in all its business, services and operations. In this context, public interest and citizen satisfaction are priorities.
Transparency, Equal Service, participation, friendly service is our mission.
Our Municipality is committed to providing equal service to all our people without discrimination.
Positive Discrimination; Women, children,young people, elderly and disabled individuals are provided to live under the support and security of the municipality.
We offer our services with a human-oriented approach that prioritizes protecting and beautifying the environment.
We carry out infrastructure, city security, health, culture, social affairs, traffic and infrastructure.

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