"Arabkir" Medical Center & Institute of Child and Adolescent Health

"Arabkir" Medical Center & Institute of Child and Adolescent Health

30 Mamikonyants Street, 0014, Yerevan, Armenia


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"Arabkir" Medical Center - Institute of Child and Adolescent Health is one of the largest medical institutions in Armenia, the largest among pediatric clinics. It was established in 1997 as "Arabkir" Medical Center Rental Enterprise LLC. In 1999 it was privatized, and in 2003 joined the "Republican Children's Clinical Hospital” and was renamed "Arabkir" Medical Center - Institute of Child and Adolescent Health as the legal successor of these organizations. In 2009 the Republican Children's Pathoanatomical Center also joined "Arabkir" Medical Center.
The center has outpatient services, hospital wards, dispensary control and rehabilitation services, serving hundreds of thousands of patients annually, the majority of which are children. The complex also provides rehabilitation services in several regions. In addition to the practical medical activities, "Arabkir" carries out scientific and methodological work as the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health.
Our mission is to do our best in sake of the patient, consequently as well for the public health.
Our goal is to make the achievements of modern medicine available to our patients.
Our principles are to act as a humanitarian, honest, transparent and responsible organization.
Our guarantees are working in accordance with international standards, individualized approach, quality of service.
Our handwriting is teamwork in cooperation with a number of high-quality international clinics.
The medical center has a many-years’ experience of hosting international volunteers for short (international summer workcamps) and long term (EVS/ESC volunteers). The staff of the Medical Center is well experienced in working with the volunteers and providing them with a rich learning experience. Through volunteer projects within the European Solidarity Corps, young Europeans are offered the opportunity to cooperate with the children of the “Arabkir” Medical Center, providing their skills, knowledge, promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities.

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