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Traineeships with the European Union

Last updated on Wednesday, 30/09/2020

Each year, around 1,900 young people enroll in a paid traineeship programme within the EU getting the chance to increase their personal and professional skills, develop their personal qualities, and enhance their EU knowledge.

Most of the EU institutions organise traineeships for young university graduates, each lasting usually between 3 and 5 months.
Traineeships mostly take place in Brussels, but also in Luxembourg, Strasbourg and elsewhere across the European Union. 
Traineeships opportunities are available in the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European External Action Service and many more entities.
The nature of your work will depend on the service you are assigned to: you could work for example in the field of competition law, human resources, environmental policy, communication, youth, translation, etc.
Before applying, check the eligibility criteria which might change from one institution to another.
What is sure is that you should not have worked for more than two consecutive months within an EU institution, body or agency and you should speak at least two of the EU official languages.
The selection procedures for traineeships are run individually by the EU institutions and agencies themselves. So please check regularly the site of the European Personnel Selection Office and the Eurodesk's Opportunity Finder where you can find updated information about the latest available positions.