Evs to help Migrants ONLY for french volunteer

Evs to help Migrants ONLY for french volunteer

Cooperativa La.Co.Sa

Curtatone (MN), Italy

This activity is closed, you cannot apply.

Описание на дейността

From 2015 the Cooperative La.Co.Sa is involved in migration projects and reception for people who request international protection, in particular runs a host community and some of cohabitation accommodation of migrants in the outskirts of Mantova, which houses families with children, single women and lonely men. The project deals the support of the aspects of the daily lives of the guests, the aim is to make them independent, at different levels, promoting wellness, spread the culture of integration and sharing, and preventing, as far as possible, situations of marginalization, isolation, deviance and conflict, also supporting them in their legal path request asylum. Migrant area want to promote activities for international protection by managing all aspects of residential, the daily lives of the guests, the legal aspects, the care of children accommodated, literacy and other activities support;

Настаняване, хранене и транспорт

The volunteers will be hosted in a flat provided by Cooperative La.Co.Sa. and settled in Mantova and share with other volunteers. The flat will be shared with another volunteer and it has double bedroom, a kitchen/living room and a bathroom. The volunteer will receive a pocket money por month and a variable amount for food if will eat/not eat with the staff of the cooperative.

Обучение по време на дейността

Trainings for the volunteer: 1. Pre-Departure Training, organized by SENDING ORGANISATION 2. On-Arrival Training, organized by NA of program Erasmus + Youth 3. Mid-term training organized by NA of program Erasmus + Youth 4. Final Evaluation, organized by SENDING ORGANISATION

Профил на участника

The Volunteer will be: open minded, flexible interested in the project sociable and patient responsible and motivated

Дати на дейността

Общо 32 седмици в периода от 01/03/2019 до 31/12/2019

Място на дейността

Via Al Lago 7, 46010 Curtatone (MN) Italy

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Теми на дейността

Приемане и интегриране на бежанци и мигранти

Краен срок за подаване на кандидатури

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